Global Warming: It’s real, and we’re to blame

Global Warming.  Man, just saying that makes me want to check over my shoulder.  Such a naughty word these days.  It single-handedly causes more angst in people than most other topics.  Even more so than Read the rest of this entry

Why I’m leaving Flickr for 500px

In a word, quality.

And since 500px’s introduction of an “in between membership” of only $20/year, the choice has become pretty clear.  Bundle all that up with Flickr’s prudish attitude towards nudity and Read the rest of this entry

Why National Day of Reason?

Today’s Rant is brought to you by, Roy Speckhardt, Executive Director of the American Humanist Association. Read the rest of this entry

Facebook adds Organ Donor statuses

Facebook has announced that it has added the ability for it’s users to share that they are an organ donor.  I could scoff at the idea and ask the question of why; or I could simply be happy about this taboo topic becoming, well, not so taboo. Read the rest of this entry

Being Positive is more than a slogan

Regardless of my rants on this site, I tend to be a glass half full type of person.  I like being independant.  I enjoy the idea of naivety.  There’s quite an innocence-lost in pessimism that eludes me.  Being positive, for real, that’s the topic of today’s rant. Read the rest of this entry

Diablo 3: Took Long Enough!

Diablo 3 is almost out!  Are you not excited?  Do you even know what Diablo is?  Aside from the mythological creature that was cast from heaven, that is? Read the rest of this entry

I’m Fearful for the State of our Country

I’m so disgusted right now at the thought that either Romney or Santorum could be our next president.

Read the rest of this entry

A letter to Adobe Flash

Okay, not the superhero.  I’m talking about the programming language that appeared in the late nineties allowing for animations during the era where animated GIFs reigned supreme. Read the rest of this entry

Want a real Top 50

I’m really sick and tired of today’s pop/RnB crap the industries are passing off as music.  Where’s the soul?  Hell, where’s the meaning?  What’s got me all fired up, you ask?  Just sitting here at my desk bobbin’ my head to Read the rest of this entry

Which telecom monitors you most?

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile – The Big Four.  More like “The Big Brother, Four.”   Read the rest of this entry

Netflix, Qwikster and Your wallet

Okay, so you have a Netflix account.  You do the whole streaming thing AND the DVD thing (or BluRay if that’s your flavor).  And all is good.  You watch a DVD, put it into that little red envelope Read the rest of this entry

After you’re dead, it’s too late!


That’s all. A single word that makes a single question, but I find it compelling. Read the rest of this entry

I wish I had gay parents!

Okay, so maybe I should rethink this for a minute.

Bad 80′s movies aside, I think I should stand by that statement. I wish I had gay parents.

Read the rest of this entry

9/11 – 10 long years, but we’re healing, kind of

Has it really been ten years?  I’ll bet you can recall where you were when you heard the news about the attack.  Many do.  Some feel it deeper than others, however.  There are those who have lost loved ones by not Read the rest of this entry

SolidWorks: Product Data Management for Engineers

This is more a ranting review of SolidWorks’ own Product Data Management solution – Enterprise PDM. Read the rest of this entry

Hulu: Good idea, but not yet ready

Well, I did it.  I canceled my TV.  My bill is $160 per month.  My wife and I are home for only a few hours in the evening.  We do chores, eat dinner, relax a minute, and then watch a show or two.  And that’s a typical night – at home.  For other days, we might not even Read the rest of this entry

The art of Philanthropy

I have always been a huge critic of the millionaires and billionaires who give money to the needy.  Not that I don’t want the needy to receive help, but must the rich publicize their “good deeds?”  Must they stand Read the rest of this entry

Jon Huntsman: The one SANE republican candidate

I’ve been so scared for the future of this country of late when learning of the candidates we will eventually choose to be president in 2012.  You’ve got a group of puppets driven by the Tea Party.  The Tea Party movement has their hands so far up these candidates ass’s you can Read the rest of this entry

Dreams, goals and reality

A smiling woman stands over a little boy in class as she straightens his white button-up shirt in preparation for class pictures.  The boy gives a disapproving frown as she combs a hair out of his face.  “So Johnny,” the woman begins, “What are you gonna be when Read the rest of this entry

Google is the Walmart of the internet

So Google is releasing games for it’s social network Google+, eh?  In competition with Facebook’s gaming engine?  Let me explain why Google is becoming the Walmart of the internet. Read the rest of this entry

New Evidence: Life originated in outer space

NASA-Funded researchers and scientists have found evidence pointing that life may have got it’s origins in… wait for it… outer space.  So, we’re aliens? Read the rest of this entry

Even McDonalds thinks we’re too fat

Ronald McDonald, we all grew up with that big ol’ smile, red nose and floppy shoes.  And every time mom drove by McDonald’s, we’d scream at the top of our lungs til we had our little fat hands wrapped around an even fatter cheeseburger, over-salted, greasy Read the rest of this entry

The unforgivable curse…I mean sin

Recently, the final Harry Potter movie came out in theaters. Loved it, by the way. I was a fan of the books and quite enjoyed that the darker tones in the literature were Read the rest of this entry

Modern Spidey: Not your grandpa’s Spiderman

Are we pissed off yet?  Wait, let’s start at the beginning.

I was overjoyed when I heard about the studios making a blockbuster version of Read the rest of this entry

Thinking it through…being godless is hard!

One of the most difficult stumbling blocks on my road to not believing in a god or gods (and it was definitely a road, not a moment) was realizing how hard it was to get rid of the religious framework and actually start thinking Read the rest of this entry

Apple releases OSX Lion for $29.99

I can hear it now.  The guys over at Microsoft are spinning in their cush chairs wondering why they didn’t think of that.  A whole operating Read the rest of this entry

Ratings! You get one star out of five

This is a topic that has had me peaved for some time now.  I frequent online stores like Amazon all the time; sometimes you simply cannot Read the rest of this entry

Michelle Backmann’s Marriage Vow

Wow… what a topic.  Lots and lots of goodies floating around for the people to just gobble up.  Or to Read the rest of this entry

Michelle Backman: Cure for cancer, I mean gays

Just when I thought I wasn’t going to find anyone crazier than Sarah Palin.  You get another batshit-crazy wingnut in Michelle Bachmann.  This is good stuff.  Read on!

Read the rest of this entry

Should we raise the debt ceiling?

Whew!  What a hot topic these days.  And it should be.  It’s a scary time for our country.  We could default come August 2nd.  I don’t think anybody really even knows what that means.  I don’t Read the rest of this entry

Atheist billboard removed after complaints by local church

I can’t say that I was shocked to read the following news from the website, “Freedom From Religion Read the rest of this entry

Google+: Should Facebook and Twitter worry?

Are you one of the few beta testers for Google’s recent attempt at a more social web?  Last Read the rest of this entry