Hello World

I was invited to join this blog as an author.  I’m flattered that people think I have something to say.  I’ve been blogging about two years now on purely Catholic subjects.  My personal blog is entitled “Unapologetically Catholic“.

I spent the vast majority of my life as an uninterested Christian.  I was raised in one church, pulled out by my parents into another one, and when I got to college, I hung out at a Methodist student center, because they had a TV and it was free, and there were girls there.  Most of my life, I only called on God’s grace when I was in trouble. After a major mistake I made in my marriage, I found out how God wants us to live, and began the process of becoming Catholic. In that process, I found out that the Catholic church is the only church which fulfills Jesus’ prophecy.

At any rate, I’m here to clear up misconceptions about Catholicism, to set the record straight.

For now, that’s about it.  This is Christianity’s high holy days, and I’m on a blogging hiatus until at least Monday.

Personally, I live near Bagdad by the Bay on the left coast, and am politically conservative, but primarily apolitical.


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  1. On behalf of all the A-Holes of Rants & Rage, welcome. Feel free to post and comment on other topics that interest you as well.

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