Religious Child, Oily Water

Let’s set aside our own beliefs for one moment and watch the video below.  Then ask ourselves, “Should we expose children to religion?  Or would it be better for them to ‘find’ religion on their own if they so choose?”


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  1. If you’re really going to teach them a faith, then yes, you should. You have to teach them at their capacity to learn, not just to spout out something because Mommy or Daddy told me so. At first, religion can be simple, and as a child progresses, it can get more involved. I personally feel that to not have a religious upbringing is a mistake. No, not to the point of playing Christian music 24/7 and never letting them experience the real world. But yes, to the point where kids should know why they should live by the 10 commandments, and know the Bible (for Christians). I don’t agree with extremism in any form, and yes, there’s such a thing as ‘too far right’ as well as ‘too far left’. But start by teaching the Beatitudes. That’s a good basis for all of Christianity.

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