Playstation Network (PSN): Still Offline

For all the gamers out there who woke up last week to the error message:

What’s going on, Sony?

Last week sometime, representatives of Sony’s online gaming vehicle, Playstation Network, used by gamers to play, buy and socialize with others, announced they were attacked in a DDoS.  But not everyone is sold on it being a DDoS.

Sony was targeted weeks earlier by a group of hackers associated with George Hotz, aka GeoHot.  There’s rumors that he, or those affiliated with him, have deliberately attacked Sony’s servers in order to send a message to Sony.  But what’s the message?  It’s rumored that the hackers are upset with Sony’s dealings with the lawsuit against GeoHot for hacking the Playstation 3 gaming console months ago.

It’s all rumor now, but I’m certain it will all come to an end soon.  But who will benefit and who will reign supreme?  It’s Sony’s dime on the line.  We are now more than 6 days in and no response from Sony as to when the PSN will come back online.

Our credit card information and email logins may be at risk.

Some are purporting that the hackers have acquired users’ credit card information as well as email information, which could potentially lead to further damage.  Users are being advised to check their statements for suspicious activity and change all passwords associated with their PSN accounts.

This is not looking good for our Japanese giant.  Many are boycotting and rallying against Sony altogether for their handling of users’ sensitive information.  Some are applauding Sony’s slow, methodical approach citing, “Thoroughness is a good thing.”  When Sony goes back online, can we ever forgive them and continue to buy their services, or are they forever scarred and left holding the bag?

I guess only time will tell, but the clock is ticking and so far no word from the powers that be.


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