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Apple + MacDefender = Fixed?

Finally!  Can you hear it iFans?  Crickets in the break room over at Cupertino?  Man, we Mac users have a lot to learn.  So let’s begin.

I have been a Mac user since the mid-nineties.  I’ve also had a few windows PC’s and Linux boxes in that time period; but we won’t ruin the mood by talking about Microsoft now will we?

A couple of weeks ago, it went viral that an oopsy has made it’s way onto the Mac platform by way of malware.  I called it an oopsy because that’s what Apple called it.  They poo-pooed the situation, “What!  Macs don’t get viruses!”  Well, not so fast there Apple.

A friend and I were having this very debate about the actual versus perceived level of security for the Mac computer.  While you can break this debate down into several categories, we will stick to the basics.  And that is:

You can’t secure stupidity!

There I said it.  If you do not practice proper surfing, while plugged in, you can be a victim.  Windows, Linux, OSX, it doesn’t matter.  The MacDefender, however, is categorized as malware, or malicious software.  It was designed to install a Trojan horse masquerading as an anti-virus program which targets computers running the Mac OS X operating system.  The user is then prompted to “clean” the virus by clicking on the “Clean Virus” button when prompted.


Come on people, use your heads.  And here’s my rant:

No one, not one person, has your best interests at heart.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Nothing is for free.  Never.  You might not be paying monetarily, but you’re paying some way.  Believe you me.

There is hope!

Apple has just released their fix to the MacDefender trojan via a security update.  You should be on version 10.6.7.  To check this, you can click here.

So stop being stupid, question everything and be safe out their kiddies.  I don’t want you all to catch a cold.


The Big Bang Theory Discredited As An Explanation of How God Was Not Involved in Creation

I have been giving a lot of thought to the Big Bang Theory of the origin of our system of planets.

Scientists are trying to debunk Intelligent Design or in other words Creationism where God was

involved.  This actually takes more faith than if you believed that God was involved.  I offer some

questions that you will be required to answer that the scientists did not answer.

When we have explosions like from volcanos, the blown out matter tends to be slab like

and not the perfect spheres of our planetary system.  There are no naturally occurring spheres

formed in nature.  How is this then possible without God?

Next, we have a perfect solar system where our Earth revolves around the sun in a perfect

orbit allowing for life.  Not only that, our earth spins on an axis like a gyroscope.  Why does it not

slow down and stop?  How do we account for the sun burning at a constant rate for billions of years without

burning out or burning down?  Why is the sun a perfect sphere?


For all you atheists out there, I ask you to answer my questions to justify that there is no God

who created all of these phenomena.

All Hail The Narcissist In Chief



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British journalist calls out President Obama

Posted by: linswritings on: May 31, 2011

Yesterday was Memorial Day in the U.S. the day we remember our fallen heroes. Nile Gardiner, a British journalist for the Telegraph, wrote an article titled, “Barack Obama’s decision to play golf on Memorial Day was disrespectful and hardly presidential.”

Granted President Obama did lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery in the morning – the first time during his presidency that he did so. But then he jetted off to Fort Belvoir in the afternoon to play golf.

As Mr. Gardiner so eloquently said in his article,” Above all, it would be viewed as an act of extremely bad taste on a day when the
nation remembers and mourns her war dead. I can’t imagine the PM even considering it, and I’m sure his advisers would be horrified at the idea. And if the prime minister ever did play golf on such a sacrosanct day he would be given a massive drubbing by the British press, and it would never be repeated.”

However, not one article can be found in any U.S. newspaper reporting Mr. Obama’s 12th time this year playing golf and his 70th
time since he became president. Even George W. Bush stopped playing golf when he was president in respect for all the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.  But not our dear leader, Obama, he needs his “me time.”

Mr. Gardiner then opined that the least the president can do on Memorial Day is spend the whole day with veterans and servicemen’s families while acknowledging their sacrifice. It is little wonder that, as Gallup reveals in a new poll, US military personnel and  veterans give Barack Obama lower marks for his job performance than members of the general public. The president’s actions smack of poor taste, as well a lack of empathy and support for the US military, hardly the kind of leadership the White House should be
projecting at a time of war.

You make the call, should President Obama stop playing golf and get serious or does he really need “me time?”

Congratulations! It’s a Girl!

Here's Mother Nature, Our Newest Addition!

The United Nations has accepted the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Nature, giving her human status and legally defensible human rights. Environmental legislation is being pushed at the UN level which will supersede USA sovereignty.and learn who the players are, who the winners are and who the losers are. Hint: just one more giant leap toward the American Union..

Needed Tort Reform That Libs Will Fight, Texas Showed Us How To Do It

‘Loser Pays,’ Texas Small Business Wins

May 31, 2011

By Stephen DeMaura

Gov. Rick Perry and the Texas state legislature want the rest of the country to hear this message loud and clear: The Lone Star State is open for business.

In a unanimous vote last week, the Texas senate adopted ‘loser pays’ tort-reform legislation, which says that a plaintiff must pay the winning party’s legal fees if their complaint is judged to be groundless. On Wednesday, the Texas house concurred. Governor Perry, who had championed the legislation from its inception, signed it Monday night.

The Wall Street Journal editorialized, “This Texas upgrade will build on reforms in 2003 and 2005 that have vastly improved the legal climate in what has not coincidentally become the country’s best state for job creation. Texas rewrote everything from class-action certification to product liability” — and I would add the state’s medical-malpractice reforms to that list.

No wonder the nation’s CEOs list Texas as the best state for business.

The success of ‘loser pays’ is destined to be viewed as a key victory for the Republican legislature over a group that once enjoyed almost limitless influence in the state: the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, which lobbied aggressively against the law. Prior to the reforms instituted in 2003 and 2005, Texas was an ambulance chaser’s paradise. Nowadays, even the $13 million the trial lawyers spent to defeat Perry and other pro-tort-reform Republicans in the 2010 election had little impact. In a stunning rebuke, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst stared down the trial lawyer lobby and shepherded the measure through to a 31–0 vote in the Senate.

via ‘Loser Pays,’ Texas Small Business Wins – By Stephen DeMaura – The Corner – National Review Online.