God Hates Amputees

I was out the other day getting supplies to begin my yard work for the season and seen a bumper sticker that read, “God Hates Paraplegics.”  As an atheist, this had my head spinning with the message.  I didn’t get it right away.  At first I thought, “What a mean thing to say.”  Then it hit me.

I grew up around Christians.  I hear the word “miracle” used as an everyday word.  “Man, it was a miracle you guys survived that car crash.”  Or how about this one, “Angels must have been watching over you.”  Or my personal favorite, “God works in mysterious ways.”  While I’m certain some of these statements were made in jest, there is some truth to the thought process of these great deeds performed by our bearded man in the sky.

During college I worked at a print shop.  We were slow one day and out of the blue my boss goes into this long and drawn out speach about why he is the man he is today.  He explained that ten years before he was diagnosed with cancer and had only a couple of years to live.  And through the will of God he is here today to tell me about it.  At the time, with my young mind, I felt touched by his story.  I didn’t buy into it, but touched none the less.

Now that I’m an adult, that empathy has turned into sadness.  What was once a harmless token of gratitude has now become a loathsome feeling of disdain for religion as a whole.  It actually sickens me to hear these phrases now.  I liken this to the innocence expressed by a child who awakens to money under their pillow from he tooth fairy.  It’s childish nonsense that adults should be ashamed of partaking.  When will we grow up and put stock in one another and stop kneeling before thin air?

God Hates Amputees.

Was it God that cured my boss’s cancer?  He thinks so.  I hear of people being able to see after twenty years of blindness and praise the lord because of it.  I see people with diabetes faithfully going to church, thankful that they can live a normal life.  All of these cases are because of the magic of a god.  Not one of these cases come from the magic of science.  Centuries of ‘getting it wrong” and learning from our mistakes.  Or the studying and dedication of some really fine doctors that made you all better.  Let’s give stock to the one who’s make believe.

Got Hates Amputees.

So, God cured my boss’s cancer, as well as thousands of the blind, as well as those with diabetes and a whole lot of other people with various ailments.  But not one time, not one single case has God given an amputee their leg back.  Or a mother her arms so that she may hold her babies once again.  Or the track star’s legs so they may complete their father’s dying wish to make it to the olympics.  Or the woodworker’s fingers who wanted to carve his only grandson a toy for christmas.  Why not one case.  You would think that out of the millions and millions of amputees there’d be one deserving of a “miracle.”  Right?

  1. Here are some of the responses I’ve gotten from Christians to this topic before
    1. We could never understand the will of god
    2. God has a plan for us all
    3. Well, God cured cancer because it’s a deadly disease, the amputee still has his life

None of these responses makes any sense.  Can someone please give me another angle to chew on.  I’m trying to make sense of the whole “miracle” thing.


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  1. That bumper sticker does not represent mainstream christianity. Most christians would disavow that bumper sticker as the ultimate in ignorance.

    As to miracles, you can either accept them or reject them. It is simply a matter of faith.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John wilder

  2. Actually, this was an atheist bumper sticker making fun of religion. My question is: Why does God heal some but not others? Am I the only one smelling a fish here? I would like to think that if there were a god, that he would give equal treatment to all, regardless of your ailment.

    I understand how ridiculous this post is. But that’s my point. I’m trying to understand why Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc, buy into the foolishness of religion.

    It’s like, no one believes in unicorns, yet there’s just as much proof for their existence as there is for a God. You know? Save for what someone “feels,” there has never been any proof whatsoever that a god exists. And this goes back to your scientific method. I see Jesus on burnt toast today, but he never did show up again. When are we going to throw out these theories? All we have is a centuries-old book written by men during a time when the average person probably couldn’t spell their own name. These same men profess to have seen/heard/felt/smelled something out of the ordinary and all they could think of was, “Must be our creator.”

    Doesn’t it make more sense to think that the bible was written more so by ordinary men who had ulterior motives, like ruling the people? It’s my stick against your stick. But wait, I have a god on my side. I win! It’s nothing more than an early form of government. A way to keep the people in line. It did it’s job. It served it’s purpose. Now let’s move on. Why do we still, centuries later, cling to such an archaic notion as a bearded creator?

    Am I the only one seeing this as lunacy. If I claim to have seen a horse with a horn coming out of his head, I’d be placed in a mental institute. But if I say that I seen the son of god in my breakfast, I get the channel six news running a report on faith. It’s crazy.

    Speaking of crazy. The very definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again without change to the result.

  3. Lyn, the very heavens shout volumes of proof that there is a God. And mankind has always known that there is a God, or many, who control the universe. Most of the world now believes in a single God. Someone who sees Jesus in his toast aside, you have to know that it takes an architect to build a building, and it takes an engineer to create an automobile. So how could anything so complicated as the universe, or the Earth, or a coral reef, or even a molecule of water, happen by accident? To your criticism of ‘centuries old book’, you believe in phylosophy? Where’d that come from? For that matter, do you know where or how any system was formed? Where did the universe come from? The Big Bang? Well, someone kicked it off, someone set it into motion. Who? or What? We know from the laws of thermodynamics that the principle of the conservation of energy is considered to be the single most important and fundamental ‘law of nature’ presently known to science, and is one of the most firmly established. Endless studies and experiments have confirmed its validity over and over again under a multitude of different conditions. This principle is known to be a fact about nature—without exception.
    The Second Law builds on the first, stating that though there is a constant amount of energy in a given system that is merely transforming into different states, that energy is becoming less usable.
    When understood properly, the Laws of Thermodynamics apply directly to the creation/evolution controversy in precisely the same way they apply in the above examples to the work of engineers. In fact, these foundational truths utilized daily by the engineering world, have eternally significant, spiritual implications in that they prove that God exists. How so?

    If there is no God, the existence of the Universe must be explained without Him. The Big Bang theory claims that all matter in the Universe initially was condensed in a sphere the size of a period at the end of this sentence (see Thompson, et al., 2003, 23[5]:32-34,36-47). However, this theory offers no explanation for the origin of that sphere. The only logical possibilities for its existence are that it popped into existence out of nothing (spontaneous generation), it always existed, or it was created. We know, byt these laws, that nothing is spontaneously generated. So we call the uncaused Cause God.

    What you’re missing is that our lives are a test. This life isn’t all there is. How we live our life determines how we will spend the rest of eternity. The image of God as a bearded man is God the Father. God the Son is Jesus, but equally an image of God. I agree with you that images of Jesus in the toast, or mud puddle are lunacy. But that’s not what God is. He doesn’t need to appear in toast.

  4. That’s all well and good, but you’ve tip-toed around my question. Why does god cure cancer and all the other miracles he performs daily, but not once has he given an amputee their legs back. He’s god after all, he could do it. Why is it that all the “miracles” we hear about usually align themselves with things that are physically possible? For instance, we have the technology to give someone their sight back… give and take. But we don’t have the ability to stop, say, a building from collapsing on thousands of people. Why is it that when something menial like eyesight is given back to someone we say it’s a miracle. Why aren’t we saying, “Thank you, Doc. Thanks to your hard work and perseverance, I can see again.” But when a catastrophe happens, like the tsunamis in Japan, no one says, “Well, god is taking away some miracles today. It was an absolute miracle that he’s been holding back the waves for hundreds of years; but someone’s pissed him off and now comes the payback.”

    I just think it’s funny that when it comes to questions like these that Christians tend to get quiet. It’s like you all know there’s something fishy going on with your belief system as a whole, but are too scared to rationalize what that actually means. It’s like that woman who’s been beat by her husband for years and then laughs about it with her friends and sometimes denies it all together. Let’s overlook the fact that it’s ridiculous and get back to the smiling.

    Is that what religion is now? Is it that we wouldn’t know what to do with our time on Sundays if we didn’t have our faith? Please, I’m begging, someone shed some light on this topic. I’m running out of Christians here. No one wants to tackle these tough questions.

  5. Lyn, there are just some things that we must scratch our heads and wonder why. That’s all there is to it. God made Earth and gave Adam and Eve utopia, he gave them EVERYTHING. Including free will. Love is not love without free will. So God gave man everything, and man said ‘I want what you haven’t given me yet.’ And man turned away from God.
    What I can tell you is that God takes bad event and brings a greater good from them. Disasters tend to bring out the charity of people who are better off. Physical deformity does the same thing. The point is that man, a selfish creature by nature, is asked to look outward and care for others. I don’t believe, like some, that God punished Japan or Haiti, or the US. God allows evil to do what it can, and then turns it around, just like the evil of his only Son. The book of Job is a good example.

  6. Nice give and take between the two of you and I particularly like the fact that this has not degenerated into an acrimonious debate.
    I agree with Lyn, the idea of a god that is beyond understanding is essentially fallacious. he is supposed to have given us certain rules and also a set of morals and we have the right to question him on the basis of those very rules.
    As for the ‘scientific’ evidence for god’s existence, you end up with a “god of the gaps” if you will. I fully agree with David’s contention that what existed before the Big Bang, if anything, is a great unanswered question. There are many others too; but how do they prove the existence of god? There is of course the other side of the debate about who then created god. A lot of things that we thought required us to conjure up a god to explain are now understood as completely natural phenomena, whatever are not, still don’t prove the existence of god.
    As for the bumper sticker, I wish I ahd thought of that!

  7. Well, hb, that’s the beauty of science and the arrogance of religion now isn’t it? Religion has an answer for everything, even if it is, “You’ve got to have faith.” Science, on the other hand, is the most humble of the two. Science doesn’t claim to have all the answers. As a matter of fact, the very existence of science relies on not having all the answers. Science is the search for answers. Never will science claim that all answers are found. Religions have “faith.” Science does not have that luxury.

  8. Lyn, Catholics don’t believe in faith alone. Protestants say it, but they don’t believe it or live it either.

    The truth is that science endeavors to tell us how and why things are. Religion doesn’t. It states that they are. This is why the creation account in Genesis does not contradict evolutionary theory, or the Big Bang theory (both posited by Catholics, by the way). Catholicism is a religion of both/and, very inclusive. Everyone is welcome, regardless of what you may have been, regarless of what you are. The prim and proper single old lady can sit right next to the homeless man who was drunk in the gutter the night before. We’re all in this together.

  9. Faith = bullshit. Swallow the bullshit, then die and go up to heaven and hug Jesus and all the dino’s and say hi to Santa for me ok?

  10. The “God hates amputees” argument might confound a four year old, but anyone else should be able to see through this fallacy. It’s constructed around a false premise:

    1. God is all-knowing, and all-loving and wants us to be happy.
    2. We’re not all happy.
    3. Therefore, either God doesn’t love us, or lacks the power to make us happy, ’cause He doesn’t exist.

    I believe God does love us, but He values our long term development over our short term happiness here on Earth. If the point of life was to be happy, healthy and comfortable, than we should all be outraged at our creator.
    But that’s not the point. We’re here to learn, to struggle, to grow and become something better than we were when we started. Why do bad things happen to good people? So good people can become great people. Adversity, pain, suffering, all these things are the resistance we push back against to grow stronger. If you want bigger muscles you lift weights, not pencils. Check out C.S. Lewis’ book “The Problem of Pain” for more on this argument.

    God loves each of us enough to allow us to make our own choices, accept our own consequences, live our own lives, and be judged according to our own deeds and thoughts at the end. We have a chance now to practice faith and strive to be better without proof of his existence. When He shows up (and He will) and you have your proof it’s no good saying, “Okay, NOW I believe and I’ll be good,” because at that point the show’s over.

    And here’s the best part- let’s say you’re totally right and I’m completely wrong. Which one of us is going to be happier in this world? I would posit that I will be the industrious, patriotic, compassionate person, the guy you want as your neighbor with his wife, three kids and dog that seem almost too happy to be real. And you will be the cynical, pessimistic sophist constantly looking to poke holes in other people’s happiness in order to bring them down to your level of discontent so you can be “enlightened” together.
    I wish you happiness man, but a rational examination of the facts and evidence (that’s how you do things right?) doesn’t indicate that’s a strong possibility.

  11. Well, to be honest, was attempting to make a joke. Using the obvious as fodder. Bad, I know. But my point was made.

    But to my defense, it is quite odd that miracles happen all over the world, except for certain things. Won’t you agree?

    Let’s get serious, shall we. Just like I always say, “The onus is on the Christian, not the other way around.” Here’s a little game I like to play with people of faith. It’s called “You disprove that unicorns exist, and I’ll disprove that gods exist.” What do you say, wanna play?

  12. No one can disprove the existence of a god anymore than they can prove its existence.

    http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ provides some great logic on this mater.

    I wish I had Christian values so I could beat my slaves and that my children could have male teachers.

  13. “That bumper sticker does not represent mainstream christianity. Most christians would disavow that bumper sticker as the ultimate in ignorance.”

    Seriously? You used the “No True Scotsman Fallacy”? Look it up to learn why your answer doesn’t work. [And If there’s a denomination that’s the one true one (yes,they ARE mutually exclusive), why doesn’t god just tell us which one?]
    “The “God hates amputees” argument might confound a four year old, but anyone else should be able to see through this fallacy. It’s constructed around a false premise:
    1. God is all-knowing, and all-loving and wants us to be happy.
    2. We’re not all happy.
    3. Therefore, either God doesn’t love us, or lacks the power to make us happy, ’cause He doesn’t exist.”

    Then you must be a 4yr old (i.e., Ad Hominem isn’t a valid argument). You completely missed the point of the exercise. If you’re saying God can not be simultaneously Benevolent, Omniscient, Omnipresent & Omnipotent, then that is correct. However those traits are exactly what xtianity claims. The premise (as explained, if you’d just read) is that xtains are always claiming that miracles occur before us but why does God not perform miracles that can not be easily refuted, like healing amputees? For the claims of xtianity to be true in this regard, God would have to have it in for amputees, above all others.
    “Lyn, the very heavens shout volumes of proof that there is a God.”
    Really? Name just one verifiable proof of a supernatural being that can not be explained by any other means.
    “He explained that ten years before he was diagnosed with cancer and had only a couple of years to live. And through the will of God he is here today ”

    That’s so mean to the health professionals that cured him; and mean people suck. Now, if he’d lost the cancer without once receiving modern medical care, then he’d be telling truth and not self-deluding. Faith is just a code word for “pretend”. You have to have faith = just pretend (and thereby abandon any quest for knowledge)
    “We could never understand the will of god”

    What a cop-out. Xtians will go on and on about how they know exactly what god wants and how he thinks (even when the claim conflicts with all other denominations) until they are ultimately stumped. At that point they trot out aphorisms that have been burned into their brains as acceptable answers since childhood. Equivalents are: “just have faith”, “God has a plan for us all” & “works in mysterious ways”. These are all moral and logical cop-outs that conflict with the claim that they understand their own religious belief to begin with. You can’t have it both ways. Either you make the claim that you understand the mind of god, know his demands/actions, and you follow the one true faith or you admit you don’t and abandon the string of claims regarding knowing exactly what god “wants” or “demands” (including his high interest in football games and the current politics of only one country). Anything less is hubris.
    “God cured cancer because it’s a deadly disease, the amputee still has his life”
    Nobody was claiming that the proof of concept was “life”. That would conflict with xtian theology anyway, where one hopes to die, to go to “heaven” (even though the latter is always described as an awful place of schadenfreude, smugness, boredom and disconnect from the majority of people). IF God cures blindness, paraplegia, depression, or any number of endless, non life-threatening maladies, then why has he never once cured an amputee?

    The possible answers are:
    a)God is not benevolent [as in the Jewish Bible/Old Testament]

    b)God is not omniscient [as in the JB/OT] or there are many gods and one is sleeping on the job [as in the Torah, book of Genesis]

    c)God is not omnipotent [The four main Abrahamic Religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Mormon) believe Satan is equally present and powerful, making them dualistic in nature and thus not strictly monotheistic. This is the only way they have found to address the problem of evil.

    d)God is not omnipresent [as in the JB/OT]. But why would one even worship a god of abandonment? (Course only a selfish, emotionally needy god would demand worship and obsequiousness to begin with, particularly given the universal concept that giving without expectation of reward is high morality).

    e)A supernatural god does not exist. The only answer that also fits everything we observe. How does one prove (not merely claim, assume, or pretend;, i.e. “faith”) that there is one true religion out of the hundred that exist? People mostly stay with the religion in which they were indoctrinated in youth, never truly investigating the cultural/historical bases or comparing religions. (If born in the Roman Empire, you’d be making the same claims for Zeus as your current religion). But if god did not exist, what, exactly, would be different about the world? For one, amputees would still be amputees.
    Xtians are by and large taught that the fallacies of
    *Moving the goalpost
    *No true Scotsman
    *Appeal to authority
    *Begging the question
    *Straw man
    *Shifting burden of proof away from claimant
    *Argument form popularity
    *Ad Hoc
    *Argument from Anecdote
    are perfectly acceptable forms of reasoning; evangelicals are often taught that outright lying is okay if you’re “Lying for Jesus”. For this reason, you can’t get a straight discussion in the first place because it will consist of a stream of fallacies and denialism.

  14. “Lyn, there are just some things that we must scratch our heads and wonder why. That’s all there is to it. God made Earth and gave Adam and Eve utopia, he gave them EVERYTHING. Including free will. Love is not love without free will. So”…etc. etc. in two posts

    David, how is it that you alone know the mind of god even though your knowledge conflicts with the Torah (the source of the cultural legends you cited) and all current common theologies?

  15. Timko and Lynn
    You guys are guilty of using if then logic which is specious. God can and is all of those things. There is historical proof of the man named Jesus outside the bible. The Jews claim that he was a nice and charismatic man but not the Son of God. This is intellectual laziness.

    There are only two possible explanations for Jesus claim that He is The Son of God.
    1. He is who He says he is
    2. He is a delusional schizophrenic,

    You are of course free to believe the number 2 option but He performed miracles including His rise from the grave in 3 days.

    Like I said, I can’t prove it in a court of law but still I believe and my intelligence is not in question.

  16. Where is this proof of Jesus existing. Anicdotal evidence doesn’t count. Third hand evidence written in 57ad doesn’t count.

    Where are the writings from men whom existed when he was alive?

    Where is this evidence of his rise from the grave.

    Intelligent men have been wrong in the past and will be wrong in the future.

    You belive because you have been told it your whole life by people who belive for the same reason. You are told and believe you must have faith which is why you bury your head in the sand and fail to question everything the bible (so called word of god) tells you.

    It is a known survival trait to belive what your parents tell you.

    When someone questions your faith you fail to provide logical arguements and your responses are like a teenagers “Whatever”.

  17. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historicity_of_Jesus

    This covers both the critics and the believers. You will choose whatever you want to believe.
    John Wilder

  18. God has to have something left to be able to heal. He can cure sickesses because there still is a broken body that can be fixed, but amputees don’t have that body part anymore to be fixed.

  19. Dave, I’ve never read a more misunderstood version of thermodynamics. Using sciencey words and then saying God after them is not an argument it’s just ignorance.
    For a person to believe in an omnipotent being requires a level of delusion. Logic can’t happen in the presence of delusion.
    People don’t pray for an amputee to grow a new arm or leg because everyone knows it’s never happened, will never happen and that it’s failure to produce a result would vindicate everyones doubts.
    Religions are nothing more than mans fear of death, of not existing one day. That fear is more powerful than logic to them.

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