Sara Palin is Still Very Popular


LEMOORE — Former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin touched on everything from the nation’s mounting debt to Valley water issues during a 35-minute speech and fundraiser Sunday at West Hills College.

Dressed in a dark-blue suit and speaking against the backdrop of a large American flag, Palin was rewarded with roaring applause and several standing ovations. At one point, a woman in the crowd yelled: “We love you, Sarah!

There were no signs of protesters at the event. A West Hills student said last week that a peaceful protest was planned an hour before Palin’s scheduled 5 p.m. speech.

Palin, who was in Lemoore to help celebrate the opening of the school’s $24 million Golden Eagle Arena, criticized the government for a national debt that she said is out of control.

We are printing up and buying our own notes at an unprecedented rate … adding to our $14 trillion debt,” she said, questioning whether the U.S. can afford to be engaged in another war in Libya.

[ …. ]

Palin made points tailored to her Valley audience. For example, she talked about the plight of farmers in an area that supplies food to most of the nation.

She said Valley farmers are facing a federally imposed drought because the government is protecting a 3-inch fish. Protections for the delta smelt have

cut off water that otherwise would be used for crops — affecting farmland, farmers and workers, she said.

Where I come from, a 3-inch fish … we call that bait. There’s no reason to destroy people’s lives for bait,” Palin said. The remark drew widespread applause.

Palin drew a huge response when she talked about the dedication of military men and women in a city that is home to Lemoore Naval Air Station.

She thanked military veterans and asked them to stand up and be recognized as the audience erupted in applause. “God bless the United States military,” she said.

She also credited West Hills College President Don Warkentin for having the guts to feature her as keynote speaker, considering the kind of controversy she often generates. “He’s a bold man,” Palin said.

Event organizers said they sold 1,661 tickets for the speech in an arena that could accommodate 2,500 people. Ticket prices ranged from $25 to $250.

However, a VIP dinner following the speech — 27 tables for eight at $5,000 each — sold out several weeks ago, said event organizers.

Those who attended the event said they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see and hear Palin.

Marlene Evers of Fresno called her a great role model for women. “I would love to see her run for president,” she said as she waited in line with her husband Carl to enter the arena.

Evers had a copy of Palin’s book, “Going Rogue,” stuffed into her purse, hoping to get it signed.

I like her attitude, she speaks in simple terms,” said Bob Francque of Clovis, who stood out in an American flag-themed shirt while waiting in line. “And, I find her an attractive, conservative woman,” he added.

Peggy Lara said that as a mother with two children, she can relate to Palin. Lara was attending the speech and the VIP dinner with her parents, two sisters and brother-in-law.

Susie Apkarian, who traveled from Paso Robles to hear Palin, summed up her thoughts afterward with one simple phrase: “I thought she was fabulous.”

The event was sponsored by the West Hills College Foundation, which paid $115,000 for Palin’s appearance.

Event organizers said they won’t know for several days how much money was raised. Proceeds will go to scholarships, programs and facilities at the college.


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  1. 🙂
    I love Palin…
    I really do…
    she brings ON the ENERGY !!!!…
    the COMMON SENSE….
    …sure she did say some stupid things,(on the campaign and/or interviews )…and appeared to be less than knowledgeble about some issues…
    but …..
    SHE LOVES !!!!! THE COUNTRY!!!!!!
    and if
    ANY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    of us claims to be BEYOND BELIEVE SMART!!!….
    we are just

    I am all for conserving!!!!
    (not idiotically green)…
    and preserving some, and many species are important, but not at the cost of a COMMON SENSE!!!!!!

    (directed at the left democRATS….and Al-GORE MANIACS!!!…)
    USA is almost 4 times larger than Europe with half the population….
    it is so hypocritical of AlGore to tell us “SAVE THE PLANET” !!!!!!!! bullshit , and go on to buy a mension , that the energy needed to operate would suffice for a small town!!!!!!!
    …is common sense and logical, independent thinking in USA a commodity now-days!!!????
    ….are we so far down, an average person can not JUDGE !!!! the FACTS!!!???

  2. Hey Joanna
    I could not agree with you more. If you have not read her book, I highly recommend it. I still have not read the second book but it is on my list.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  3. You know… I absolutely love this post. And I’ll tell you why. Sarah Palin is the chick who I was cheering for. Back when she was introduced as Vice Presidential candidate I was like, “You know, I wouldn’t mind supporting a tough, good’ol American gal; and not too hard on the eyes either, I might add.”

    Oh, how things change.

    I was watching Real Time the other day and was listening to a debate on whether or not Donald Trump would make a good president. One of the panel members said, There’s something to be said about a strong personality. It is statistically proven that more Americans put stock in how perceptibly strong a leader is versus what they really stand for.”

    Donald Trump is an extremely strong leader. He’s an excellent debater. He’s made himself very wealthy by being a tough player.

    Now, back to Sarah Palin. She has a larger-than-life voice as well. And, yes, I too feel that she loves this country. But is that enough to lead? The answer is a strong, “No!”

    She fumbles with the English language, she resorts to high school rhetoric when backed into a corner. She’s ill-advised on the issues of our nation. She crumbles when pressured about menial topics. She is, in a nutshell, her own worst enemy. I wanted to like her, I did. But I simply can not follow someone who is not a solid leader.

    I can follow Donald Trump. I might actually vote for him (the jury is still out) if he runs. I might not see eye to eye on what he stands for, but I too fall into the group of people who believe that this nation needs, once again, a strong leader. Someone who’s willing to say what they mean and then stick by it.

    So no, Sarah Palin might still be popular, but so is Bin Laden. She’s popular for making a fool of herself. She would do well to cancel her Twitter and Facebook accounts, stop taking live interviews, and cancel her overly-pretentious train wreck of a TV series about her family. It’s getting old. And while I might actually like her as a person, she’s definitely not the “man” for the job.

  4. Hey Lynn
    How about Bidens verbal gaffes and what of Obama pronouncing corpsmen as corpseman? What about him saying on the campaign trail that he intends on visiting all 57 states?

    If you doubt that Palin is tough, I suggest reading her book. She is also very bright. What happened is that her handlers did not do a good job preppring her for the news media.

    I know for a fact about gotcha journalism. They talk to you for hours on camera all nicey nice and then turn vicious tiger with attacks and they do a tight close up where the person is stumbling and not understanding the sudden about face.

    She was a very effective governor. Obama surely had no prep for national issues and then told repeated lies about what he was going to do when elected. Palin is honest and has good common sense and the right attitude to lead. How many other people could withstand the non stop media attack unseen on any other previous candidate.

    She exposed the death panels. She is smart and I respect her. I fear that the media has so severely damaged her that she might not be electable however.


  5. Oh, trust me, I have my “beef” with Obama and Biden as well. Don’t confuse the issue. We’re speaking of Palin here.

    And don’t buy into the whole, “Alaska is doing great” campaign either. The census from July of 2009 shows a population of merely 698,473.

    Additionally, Alaska can be a quite harsh environment to live in at times. Most people who live in Alaska are self-sufficient citizens who have no other option but to take care of themselves. They do NOT represent the majority of our nation.

    The entire state of Alaska has less people than most cities.

    So, yeah, I stand by my opinion that Sarah Palin is unfit to run our country. She might be a good mother, great wife, and a good neighbor; but she would not make a good President.

  6. Lyn,
    right you are!
    Palin is not electable!!!
    and Trump is not winable!! as well…
    Donald is a TV, celebrity personality, and however strong and stuck to his views,
    he would be dissected like a dead frog by the media!!!
    I am greatful to him for making obama’s eligibility a bright spot for everyone to see…questioning obama’s school records…etc….
    but personally I think he is using the whole situation as a “free” commercial….nothing costing so little could bring him as much exposure!!!
    it is somewhat depressing to see such lack of options to run effectiely against obama..

    Mr Allen West, Mr Herman Cain…???
    all others are just RINO’s….

    …being born, raised and educated under communism, I never thought in my wildest imagination I will see in the
    United States what I have left behind 30 years ago….

  7. Hey Lynn
    You certainly have your right to your opionion. Howver, I stand by my assesment that if you chose to read her book, you would have a different view of her.

    And how about the media going after her kids? They threw out their own rules to try and destroy her. Trust me, she could not screw up the presidency any more than Obama who has now surpassed Jimmy Carter as the worst president of all time.


  8. Hey Joanna
    I aggree with you, Trump is always about self promotion and will do anything to get on camera.

    He could not afford the pay cut to be president.


  9. Worst president of all time? Ouch. lol

    You know, in all fairness, I have not read her book. And maybe there is a whole lot more of her than we see in the media. But to my point, if she can’t give a solid debate to a simple-minded journalist, does she have a shot in hell at leading this country? I don’t know. My money’s on someone else. But who? That is what scares me. There’re not many options going right now. Scary.

  10. Would you debate the worst president of all time? Even the libs are down on him and certainly the moderates. He is clearly in over his head.

    The reason that the press hates Palin is that she resonates with regular people. We have seen our contry bastardized by career politicians. Our founding fathers set it up for ordinary citizens to come in and do service to the country. Now we have life long politcians who go along to get along and yes I am talking about Republicans as well. That is why the rise of the Tea Party who continues to grow rather than shrink. Palin is definitely the choice of the Tea Party.

    She is also gettting much more media savvy. In Alaska, you said what you mean and there was little obfuscation. Today’e media have long ago abandoned journalisitic integrity and their popularity rating is about 19%. Hell even used car salesman have a higher popularity rating.


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