A novel concept-should we pray for Osama bin Laden?

I’ve seen some pictures on the news lately of people celebrating the death of Bin Laden.  Disgusting.

Don’t get me wrong, the US did a service to the world by killing him.  But should we really celebrate?  If we’re Christian, we should not.  Jesus tells us we should love our enemies as we love ourselves.  That does not mean we have to like them, condone what they do or stand for.  Personally, I don’t like President Obama.  I cannot stand what he stands for.  But I pray every day that he’ll make the right choice.  And honestly, not publicly, but privately, I pray for all those in the world who would do us harm.

I do not condone the way the information was extracted.  I do not condone that it was done.  I do not condone war.  But realistically, we owe the US Navy a debt of gratitude.

But celebrating as if we won the World Series or something?  While I understand it, I don’t condone that either.


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  1. ….
    I am NOT going to pray for OBL…or any of the radical, misguided murderous FANATICS…
    but I do agree with you…
    …furthermore, I will say….
    …the students/teenagers brought in to Washington DC and New York to CELEBRATE the event….
    …the celebratory picture/tone of the White House “watching the evolving events”….is SICK!!!!!
    ….I am lost for words…..
    …it does not make us any different than the Palestinians celebrating the death of butchered Fogel family….

  2. David, I commend your comment and stance on this topic. I’m not Christian, but when I think about what Christian-behavior is supposed to be, it would be that. Sympathy towards all. It’s kind of like beating the snot out of an opponent in basketball, and then jumping around and celebrating it in their face. It’s just tasteless.

    But… This victory comes with it a much more grueling game than basketball. Thousands of lives have been taken over this man’s whims. Twenty years have passed that we’ve been searching for him. Billions of dollars have been spent to find him. Americans, for the first time in decades, are afraid again.

    This victory was more so for those who really had reason to celebrate. While I’m certain that there is another leader, just at ruthless as OBL, this was a token assassination. It did nothing but set them back… a year, maybe.

    I’m not going to pray… as a matter of fact, I am one of those celebrating. I was in the Army stationed Yongson, South Korea on 9/11. I felt the shock waves. And while I didn’t lose anything to OBL, I remember that gut-churning feeling of being alone on the other side of the world wondering if I’d ever see my family again. And the utter disdain I had for this human being. So yes, “Cheers. Here’s to you Bin Laden.”

  3. Lyn, I’m ex-military, too. I was in the Persian Gulf when Saddam Hussein was trying to sink oil tankers in the Straits of Hormuz, and another time before that. We’ve been at war with terroists ever since the Iran hostage situation, but people forget, unless it literally blows up in their faces.
    I lost a couple of friends in the WTC.
    I guess my attitude would be one of non-celebration, again happy that he’s gone, and that someone did the dirty deed. But I know, in the end, it was a dirty deed.

  4. Joanna, government has to do what government has to do. I know that government leaders do, now with technology, watch when specific operations are going on. I don’t have a problem with that. I wouldn’t want to watch it, it’s enough for me to know it’s done. I understand your reluctance to pray, too. I don’t know if you’re Christian, but if you are, Jesus commands us to do just that-love our enemies.

  5. David,
    you are much better person than I am!
    no question.
    yes, I am Christian, and I pray for my family, for my country, for people in hardship, and I pray for all the Families, that lives has been ruined..children lost parent, parents who lost their child, and spouses left alone because of the horrific, evil minded person….
    I suppose it will be my sin, if I say:
    praying for OBL would be against everything I stand for!

  6. Joanna,
    I’m no better than you, I’m a sinner. Just try. God knows your difficulties. Ask him to soften your heart enough to pray. This is not to say forget what he’s done. I’ll never forget. I have monuments to the WTC towers all over my home. I know he’s responsible for those, and I know he was planning more. It’s very radical, I know, but being Christian is very tough. On a personal level, John Paul II, now considered Blessed, forgave the man who shot him and almost killed him. Do you think he forgot, though? I doubt it. We have to forgive each other their wrong-doings. Remember what the Lord’s PRayer says…God bless you.

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