One Capricious President

If President Obama is not ‘spiking the football’, than I don’t know what spiking a football looks like.  Why spike this football and not the supposed ‘ball’ of UBL’s death photos?  Read on..

One Capricious President.


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  1. You are a truly gifted writer. I appreciate your courage to be willing to lose “so called friends” Believe me you will make new friends who will have your back. Consider me one.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  2. Thanks, John. Yeah, I feel so much more empowered now that I have decided that I deserve the same respect I give others when they voice their opinions. I have never, nor will I ever, stop befriending a good person simply because they have a different political or religious belief than me. It has been downright enlightening! Susan

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