I am a Crusader

I wanted to let people know my stance on things.  There’s been a lot of lively debate about Protestant/Catholic things-stuff that has caused bloodshed in other times, and even now.

I am a Catholic.  I converted several years ago.  I was taught a lot of misinformation about Catholicism in the first 40 years of my life.  I overcame that by learning my faith.

A lot of what passes for common knowledge about Catholicism, Catholic beliefs and Catholic ideas is incorrect.  In the past two years, it’s been said that the Pope okayed condom use.  Considering the quotation is on a single page in a 250 page book is astounding.  Even then, it’s misquoted and mischaracterized.  The same can be said about many Catholic beliefs and practices.

I am here and on the internet constantly showing the truth of Catholicism.  The truth about what we actually believe as opposed to what people think we believe.  Jesus said that we would be persecuted until he comes again, and this is further proof of the truth of Catholicism.

I can understand that there are people who disagree with what we believe, and that’s ok.  Everyone is entitled to his viewpoint.  But let me ask you a question.  If you walked into a Catholic Church and saw someone kneeling in front of a statue, why would you think that that person is worshipping the statue?  Let’s turn it around a little and ask: If you walked into someone’s bedroom and saw them kneeling in front of the Bible, would you think they’re worshipping the book?

So, it’s one thing for a non-Catholic to say “I disagree with the Catholic Church’s position on birth control”.  That’s you’re right.  In fact, many Catholics disagree with that position.  But it’s another thing to condemn a group of people because of their beliefs.  I don’t condemn Lyn for being an atheist, I don’t condemn John for being a Protestant.

I will, however, jump in when the Catholic position on anything is mis-stated.  Thank you for reading.


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