Drill Baby Drill, An Excellent Case For It

This again from MB Snow’s blog.  This is the best case I have seen written for more drilling for oil in our own country.  It says what Sara Palin said in a different way.  After having read her first book I am an ardent fan of Sara Palin.


John Wilder


BRUCE ALLEN: Take advantage of offshore resources – sroblog

Take advantage of offshore resources

Bruce Allen Co-founder SOS California Santa Barbara


May 16, 2011 7:09 AM

What would be the impact of expanded county offshore oil production from new leases, including using modern land-based slant-drilling extraction technology? According to economic forecaster Mark Schniepp, up to $400 million per year in new county revenue for local schools and services, leaving enough money left over to pay all county residents to convert to solar energy within six years.

We’d have the best funded school system in the country and most modern renewable infrastructure if we simply developed these offshore resources. Renewables or offshore oil production is a false choice. Offshore production pays for the renewable conversion.

Would this new production devastate our coastline? The only lasting impact from the past 40 years of offshore oil production has been reduced natural offshore oil seepage pollution and cleaner beaches, witnessed by anyone walking county beaches since the 1960s.

The fear-sellers say we can’t risk another 1969 spill. But they neglect to tell the public that an EPA-funded UCSB study of that event published in 1971 concluded that any impact on local fisheries disappeared within three months. We will have less natural oil seepage pollution on our beaches for the next 10,000 years because of previous offshore production. The truth is we can have permanently cleaner beaches and $400 million per year in new revenues for local schools, renewable projects and county services if local politicians and residents simply wised up.


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