Obama Care Will Ration Health Care And You Will Not Like It

Another Great post from MB Snows blog.  Hopefuly the Supreme Court will rule this monstrosity unconstitutional and we can do a much better job

of dealing with health care.

Blessings on you and yours

John Wilder


Mission Impossible: Medicare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board-IPAB – PRI • Pacific Research Institute •

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Mission Impossible: Medicare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board

Health Policy Prescriptions

By: John R. Graham


Vol.9 No.4, May 2011

Key Points

• The Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) is a new bureaucracy established by Obamacare that will limit Medicare beneficiaries’ access to certain medical goods and services—especially new prescription drugs.

• IPAB puts Medicare beneficiaries’ access to prescription drugs and certain other medical goods and services under control of a board of 15 presidential appointees, while leaving decisions about other medical goods and services under control of Congress.

• IPAB will be called upon to cut much more Medicare spending than officially estimated, because physicians and hospitals are highly likely to succeed in restoring the cuts that Obamacare imposes upon them.

• IPAB could deny Medicare beneficiaries access to every innovative prescription drug introduced every year, but still have little effect on Medicare spending.

• As long as Congress exerts political control over Medicare beneficiaries’ access to medical care, all treatments and providers should be treated equally, which implies that IPAB should be abolished.

Before Congress passed the law federalizing health care, President Obama used to say that the government would save money by implementing the principle that if the “red pill” works just as well as the “blue pill,” but costs half as much, patients should use the red pill.


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