Why Evolution Makes No Sense Today- Article 1

This is the  first promised article in a series classified under “Why Evolution Makes No Sense Today” .  This article specifically deals with how unscientifically the so-called Western, White scientists treat the notion of God, creation, and evolution.  It brings to light not only their limited knowledge base, their repeated failures of history and their hypocritical methodology, but also their arrogance & insecurity.  It debunks the idea that we need to discuss creation on their terms:  the scientific jargon wars.  It shows how they have assumed the mantle of ‘Truth-Finders’ based on their own rules, and desires.  It sheds a harsh light on the very unscientific MOTIVES, methods and mindset of atheist scientists today.


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  1. I just think people mix up science and religion. Science tells us how the heavens go, religion tells us how to go to heaven. Religion tells us that something happened, science tells us how.

    It is perfectly permissible for Christians to hold the evolutionary theory as long as they don’t go so far as Darwin, basically taking God out of the equation.

  2. I promise to give a much more heartfelt response once I’ve had time to sit and read this post. But I must say this to the few paragraphs I have read:

    You have it absolutely backwards. And this is my biggest rant with Christians. Christians are the ones who are arrogant. Scientists are absolutely the humblest of the lot.

    Christians have it all pegged on a “god” and a divine creator of sorts. They’re so certain that “he’s” the answer. Scientists are able to step back and say, “We have no fucking clue about the world around us.” That’s the beauty of science. As a matter of fact, the very existence OF science relies on not knowing the answers. If we knew all the answers, science would cease to exist.

    Sorry, try again.

  3. Well backing up Shorties replies, According to the Scientific Method, there are no experiments proving evolution. That is why it is called The THEORY of eveolution.


  4. And another thing, why are scientists the only one’s looking for evidence. Once Christians discovered the bible, they quit looking. Does anyone but me find this notion asinine? Why do scientists have to back up what they believe with logic and reason? Why aren’t Christians held to the same standard? Why isn’t the burden of the search shared amongst all human beings. The words christian and humility do not belong in the same sentence now do they?

    Christians sit up in their ivory tower watching down on the scientists as they work tirelessly for the answers. Now who’s arrogant?

  5. John, you’re a man of reason. Please, help me to understand the logic behind faith. As an atheist, even at twelve, it never made sense to me. Help me understand the strong stance Christians have with their faith. They’re so willing to bet everything they love on something that can’t be proven. A judge, even in Texas, would throw that case out long before it reached his bench.

  6. Lynn, do you believe in the laws of physics? In particular, the Laws of Thermodynamics?

  7. That is a very broad question. As science is the search for answers, and knowing that a new particle was recently discovered at the Tevatron that will rewrite what we know about physics, I would say that there is much to learn about our world. Physics is the attempt to explain that world. I believe in all sciences for their intended purposes. So yes, the science of thermodynamics falls into that category.

  8. The First Law of Thermodynamics states that in a closed system, the amount of energy present in that system is constant, though it transforms into other forms of energy, as in the case of the above compressor. So, if the Universe as a whole initially contained no mass/matter/energy (energy input is equal to zero), and then it spontaneously generated all of the mass/matter/energy in the Universe (energy output is unequal to zero), the First Law would be violated. Without intervention from an outside force, the amount of mass/matter/energy in the Universe would have remained constant (unchanged) at zero. There are no exceptions to laws, or else they would not be laws. The First Law of Thermodynamics has no known exceptions. As previously explained, the Law is accepted as fact by all scientists in general and utilized by engineers in particular. Therefore, the Universe, composed of all mass/matter/energy, could not have spontaneously generated (popped into existence on its own) without violating the exceptionless and highly respected First Law of Thermodynamics. The energy level of the Universe would not have been constant. Spontaneous generation would be the equivalent of a zero energy input to a system and a non-zero output. The Universe could not have come into existence without the presence and intervention of a Force outside of the closed system of the entire physical Universe. The Universe therefore must be an open system that was created by a non-physical force (not composed of mass/matter/energy) outside of the physical boundary of this Universe (above nature, or supernatural) with the capability of bringing it into existence out of nothing. The Judeo-Christian and Islamic ethos say that that Force can be none other than the supernatural God of the Bible. Scientifically speaking, the Universe could not and did not spontaneously generate.

    The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that though energy in a closed system is constant (First Law of Thermodynamics), that energy is transforming into less usable forms of energy (i.e., the Universe is “running down”). This process is irreversible. There is a finite amount of usable energy in the Universe. That usable energy is depleting according to the Second Law. Engineers strive to slow this inevitable depletion of energy, but it cannot be stopped. If the Universe has always existed (i.e., it is eternal), but there is a finite amount of usable energy, then all usable energy already should be expended. Yet, usable energy still exists. So, the Universe cannot have existed forever. It had to have a beginning. The eternality of matter would be the equivalent of a system with an energy input and 100% usable energy output.
    There are only three possible explanations for the existence of matter in the Universe. Either it spontaneously generated, it is eternal, or it was created. Atheists use the theory of evolution in an attempt to explain the existence and state of the Universe today. In order for the theory of evolution to be true, thereby accounting for the existence of mankind, either all of the mass/matter/energy of the Universe spontaneously generated, or it has always existed . Without an outside force (a transcendent, omnipotent, eternal, superior Being), no other options for the existence of the Universe are available. However, as the Laws of Thermodynamics prove, the spontaneous generation and the eternality of matter are logically and scientifically impossible. One possible option remains: the Universe was created by the Creator.
    (Thanks to Jeff Miller, PhD for this explanation)
    I’m not trying to say evolution isn’t true. But I am saying that what we call God had to start it and continues to be involved in it.

  9. Well Lynn;
    Usually there is no logic behind faith, that is why it is called faith. Can I prove to beyond a doubt that there is a god? Hell no I can’t.

    On the other hand, we can deal in science and expose scientific fraud. There have been proven doumented examples of scientists manipulating data to justify their conclusions in all areas including Evolution. I don’t have them at my fingertips, but I suppose that I could research it for you.

    I have already proven that scientists have manipulated data and eidence to justify global warming. My article did not even deal with all the manipulated data but just provided enough evidence to totally disqualify global warming due to

    One of the things that I did not include is the manipulation of the trees on the Maldive Islands trying to justify ocean rise. The world’s leading ocean rise scientist who had 40 years eperience testified to the IPCC and they buried his proof and did not even mention in their report. Lots of other scientists have also complained about the IPCC leaving out their disputations and yet the IPCC claims to be “peer reviewed”. By the way, the IPCC has no official appointment by any government, they were self appointed according to the past president of ‘France.

    So my point is that scientists have had numerous cases of forging evidence, evolution being just one of them. Remember, they have to depend upon liberal congress for research grants for their livlihoods. The libs in Congress and the mainstream media have no interest in legitimate science or the Scientific Method. I have had many articles published but I can’t get any editors to even read my piece much as less publish it. They have even said if I had a pro global warming piece that they would be happy to publish it.


  10. Hey Lynn
    There are a lot of Christian scientists providing proof, they just cant get the lame stream media to publish it. I have a degree in science and have seen numerous movies scientifically refuting many contentions about
    Evolution. If we could count the media doing their job and publishing both sides of the story, you would not have so many doubts. There are many books published about the outright fraud on the part of the mainstream (lamestream) media. One such book is Bias by Bernie Goldberg with over 30 years in broadcast Journalism. I would suggest that you read his book as a starter.


  11. short little rebel

    Nope: we aren’t saying ANYTHING. We believe what we believe. So-called scientists are the ones proposing the theory. Worse, they not only ‘say’ it, but they force it as FACT on students in public school.

  12. short little rebel

    Lyn, you seem to think you know what Christians think. What I have told is what I DON’T think! Can’t you see the difference? I have never said what I think, have I? Did my article say one word about God? Did I say God created the world via magic?

  13. short little rebel

    Christians aren’t held to the same standard because we are not proposing a theory to the world and to the public school system.

  14. short little rebel

    David, that was one of the most coherent arguments concerning entropy that I have ever read. Thank you. I usually stay very general concerning entropy because I find that no matter how technically you explain it, no matter how much effort you put into your explanation, the liberal will flounce out of the room before you can even get halfway through. Usually, you only have time to deliver the ‘zinger’ before they flounce off.

  15. short little rebel

    If they were humble, they would say they weren’t sure. But they ALWAYS say they ARE sure. On any other topic, scientists are usually professional about their level of confidence. But not on evolution. By the way, Lyn, I never said I disagreed with evolution. What I said is that I oppose it taught as FACT when it is not. Further, I feel an agenda by the Left which infuriates me. THAT is what I am fighting about.

  16. This is precisely why discussions like this are important. Christians understand atheists about the same as atheists understand christians. It’s vicious cycle.

    Let’s clear one thing up before proceeding. The moment a god pops out of the sky, and I think any atheist would agree with me, I would say, “I believe.” If I study physics for thirty years and think I have a perfect grasp of it, and then another particle is discovered that changes everything I know about physics, I would rejoice. No scientist gets upset when they are proven wrong. That’s the beauty of it. Can you not see that?

    And John, I absolutely agree that men put their egos first sometimes. I have no doubt that there are, more than the science community would like to admit, many scientists who adjust their findings for research’s sake. It’s sad, but that’s the world we live in. Similar to the televangelists who take all of our money who make the good, christian community look bad. I get it, I do.

    I’m arguing more to the fact that science is everchanging. It’s always evolving. We learn new things everyday. Faith… faith hasn’t learned anything new in over 2000 years. I’m sorry, I put my stock in the team who can admit they do not have the answers.

    And david, I get it, “…energy can neither be created nor destroyed…” But here’s the thing we’re all missing. Evolution does not attempt to explain how we got “something” to begin with. Evolution only explains how “something”… evolved into something else. There are many “theories” about that topic.

    And you’d be incorrect, Short little rebel, to say that scientists are preaching evolution as a fact to our kids. “Theory of Evolution”. And the first duty of a science student is to what? Question, question, test, test, repeat.

  17. Fact of Evolution? I think it’s the Theory of Evolution.

  18. Hey Lynn
    You are quite correct in that scientists are not forcing the theory of evolution on the kids, but the teachers certainly are and worse yet the adminstration. Seems to me that I read a piece where a teacher was fired for comparing and contrasting evolution versus creationism.

    For some very real science that you can understand, I suggest that you read my post today debunking evolution. Now I did not write it but a scientist did and wrote it for the masses.

    And by the way as far as God is concerned I would point you to the sun. It has been burning for 4.5 billion years and yet it does not burn out. In fact, the scientists estimate that it is only half way through its half life.

    To me, this proves intelligent design.
    It is about 13 million degrees at its core and 10,000 degrees at its outer surface and is in perfect proximity to the earth to make live habitable.
    Intelligent design is code for God. It did not just happen.

    The article discusses some very real fatal flaws for evolution such as the fact that we don’t have the fossil remains to justify or prove the theory of evolution.

    There is another example of a prehistoric fish long thought to be extinct until they found living examples that are the same as those prehistoric fish just for examples.

    I would also encourage you to read Mr Goldbergs book to see just how totally corrupt the media are. Then I would recommend that you read Sarah Palin’s first book to compare that to the media picture portrayed of her.

    One of the best courses that I ever took in college was a course called “The Sociology of Social Problems” It is in its 12th printing the last I checked and the author is now dead. However, he devotes a whole chapter to the media. I will neer forget the closing line of that chapter and it was over 30 years ago:
    “There are liars,and then there are damned liars and then there is the media”. By the way, their own internal polling shows an public approval rating of the media at just 19%. Used car salesmen have a higher pop rating. And they wonder why their newspapers are going bankrupt and advertisers have dropped their ads and the people continue to drop their subscriptions.


  19. Hey what happened to the edit links on the blog? I wanted to correct a typo and could not.


  20. short little rebel

    exactly Lyn! But check the school books. They do no say it is a theory. They state, as a FACT, that a dolphin once was a land animal whole legs shorted to become fins! If they just put the word, “theory” before “evolution”, I would be satisfied.

  21. short little rebel

    I’m not wrong, Lyn. I have a whole stack full of books right here saying evolution & speciation are a FACT. School books included. Do you have kids? Have you looked at their books?

  22. short little rebel

    How do you know ‘faith’ hasn’t learned anything? What makes you believe that to have faith in God is to not see the facts around us?

  23. short little rebel

    I love science- always have. My degree is Biochemistry. I love physics. Also math- especially probability & statistics. I also love philosophy and study critical reasoning methods. To me, critical reasoning is the only true way to support your thoughts. It is so true that science always changes- it is always WRONG by nature. Just as I said, just as you said, Lyn. That is my point. Human hubris needs to be put aside when pursuing science. Most of the times, it is. But not with evolution. this is because, unlike you, Lyn, most atheist scientists do not WANT to worship a God. To avoid this, they skew their science- or they look to the side as their findings are touted as proof that God does NOT exist. You misread me completely if you think I don’t find many aspects of evolution compelling. I can buy a lot of it. Specifically, adaptation. I do believe that living things can adapt to a certain given set of environmental conditions. I believe moths of a certain color can become more competitive when changes in their jungle take place. But there is no proof for speciation. It just bothers me, that with all the holes, evolution, specifically speciation, is taught as FACT to school kids. Plain and simple. If I saw words like, “Scientists believe…” or “The theory of evolution states…” or “selective adaptation over eons of time is thought to result in a different species”- why, I would be quiet as a mouse!

  24. Hey Lynn
    Again backing up Shortie. Here is another glaring example of scientists and doctors being absolutely wrong.

    There is a hospital in Minneapolis dedicated to Sister Kenney, not a nun but an australian physical therapist in the late 50s who told doctors and scientists that they were dead wrong putting polio victims in iron lungs but what they needed were range of motion exercises.

    The whole world ridiculed her and in the end she was the ONLY one that was right.

    Galileo invented the Scientific Method because all of the worlds scientists claimed that the sun revolved around the earth instead of the truth by Galileo that the Earth revolved instead around the sun.


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