A Speech for Paul Ryan (or Any Republican) for Medicare

Paul Ryan & His Medicare Plan

I am not a republican. I am an Independent. Why? Because the Republicans keep doing things that tick me off. Mostly, because they are such wusses. But I support them because I can’t support the Democratic Party. Last presidential election, I sat contorted in my chair, squirming and telepathically sending McCain the right things to say. But he never said them. Hell, he never put up a decent fight. As Obama delivered lie after lie, skewed fact after fact, McCain seemed to stand above it all. Like he was too much of a gentleman to fight in the dirt. Now, I can respect that- but not when we are losing our nation. It’s time to get down and dirty. Now, Paul Ryan & his plan are under rabid, lie filled, sarcastic and ugly attack. And what do the Republicans do? They scuttle, like so many rats, under the bed! Republican politicians, hear this: You will lose office and this Nation if you do not get a back bone! The people in this country are on your side- but you are blowing it! Where is our Republican candidate? Where is the Republican message? You need to pay for commercials and you need to get it together as a party. You cannot, I repeat, cannot make YOUR personal election your priority. You need to keep the House, get some Senate seats and get the Presidency. John Boehner, provide leadership to your party! Whip them into a cohesive unit! At the very least, the Republicans need to be GLIB! You have so much ammunition to kill the Dems on so many issues all Americans will rally behind! I’m not sure why you brought up Medicare right before election time, but since you have, you may NOT retreat or you will lose. You need to come out with your fists up. Take the bull by the horn! Since none of you seem capable of writing a speech or saying what needs to be said, I have done it for you.

Here is what the republicans (especially Paul Ryan) should be saying concerning Medicare.


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  1. In normal circumstances, there are two chances of me voting for a democrat-slim and none. It’s because Democrats have this general saying “I’m ok,you’re ok, everything is ok, depending on your point of view.” I cannot support a candidate that is pro-abortion (meaning if you support the abortion lobby, you’re out for me). I cannot support a candidate that does not respect all human life. Most people today are not 100% pro-life. But there’s a hierarchy for me, and that’s how I choose my candidate. But you’re right, I held my nose pulling the lever for McCain-the last president I truly respected was Reagan. They don’t come along very often,do they???

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