Trans-gender Coaches for California 1st Grade Children?

Fox News Channel has just reported that a CA elementary school will begin classes for grades K-4 that teach ‘gender diversity’.  The supposed aim of this class is to help prevent bullying- specifically of those children who are homosexual or ‘tansgender’.   Bullying of gays should fall under the general bullying rules:  no bullying allowed for any reason.  It does not need additional billing in the bully department.     Parts of this class include statements such as, “It ok to paint your toenails if you are a boy,” “There is more than one way to be a girl and boy.”


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  1. Wow… a little, hateful, are we?

    I would like to point out that I heard about this as well. I took a slightly different approach, however. I actually applauded them for educating the children that the way they are being taught at home might not be the only way.

    Let’s be honest, our world is full of diversity. You don’t have to leave the country to see it; you can drive to the next town. It’s actually just as easy to walk one block over from your own. The problems are these old mentalities. That there can only be a man, a woman, and they can only be together. And anything outside of that “norm” is wrong.

    I’m not homosexual, but I’m smart enough to know that they exist. Can we at least meet on that playground? Okay, so they do exist. Now, what do we do with them? We could put them on a boat back to Africa. Wait, that’s the blacks. We could kill them all. Wait, Hitler tried doing something similar to the Jews. I say we just create a state and they can live happily ever after in the great state of Ladygagaville. What do you say conservatives?

    You all need to face it. There are gay people amongst you. They don’t have cooties, promise. Your children will play with gay kids. Your siblings might be gay. I’ll bet you can’t count on one hand how many gay people are in your family. Is “hate” the message you’re sending to them?

    As far as them educating children to this fact, I think it’s long overdue. And yes, most families don’t think of gays as equal. It’s a pandemic in our society. This mentality that a group of people is somehow inferior to ourselves is what’s dangerous, Short. Not the education. And so what if they allow gay authors to read to them. Did you not hear the part about there being gay people amongst us?

    I attribute what’s going on with homosexuals in our country today, to what was happening with blacks decades earlier. Did we not learn anything from that time period folks. You can’t suppress a people. You can’t say that just because you are in the majority that all the minorities must worship at the alter of the many. And spare me conservatives, I’m tired of hearing about the whole “majority rules” crap. It’s propaganda and you know it. Your cushy, conservative ideals are in danger and THAT is what you’re scared of. Not the homos. Because let’s be honest for a moment, the republican party, typically conservative, has had a few poshy-poshy-bum-bum run ins of late now haven’t they.

    The fact that they’re trying to steer our youth away from their parents “old” ideals that it’s okay to pick on those who are different is worthy of an applaud. I know, I know, NO parent teaches their children to bully anyone. Their not being proactive either. They’re not teaching that it’s okay to be different than you. That it’s actually a beautiful thing to have diversity amongst us. Allowing our kids to hate is just as bad as doing the hating ourselves.

    So, at the end of the day, we’re all born as human beings. Now we can accept that someone is different than ourselves, or we can choose to hate that difference for all eternity. That is our choice. But damn the person who would choose that fate for our youth. Give them the tools to make an intelligent decision. Show them that a man and a woman is how mommy and daddy do it; but Uncle Adam and Uncle Steve do it differently. And spare me, there is absolutely no evidence, zero, that if your parents are homosexual that you will be as well. And there’s absolutely no grounds to build a case that having a homosexual read to them will somehow spawn little tutu-wearing satan babies.

  2. Well, Lyn you hit the nail on the head. Good comment. I do have reservations about toenail painting(did he ask on his own and it was affirmed positive) and other things, however, the real issue is that gender should NOT be assigned only by anatomy and physical attributes. The way kids feel about theirselves should be part of the lesson(for adults too). We already include a world of gender diversity every time we acknowledge “tomboys”, which appears to be “OK” even with Republicans.

    Unfortunately much of the world wants CERTAINY, they want things to fit in a BOX. I good book to read about how sex was defined is:

    Unfortunately, this book will probably only be read by people that are already THERE, and people that aren’t there will never, ever read it. This is probably why it should be a facet of general education in the schools. Maybe the next generation will see things better, see things differently.

    The world will always keep on evolving, whoops I didn’t meant to imply evolution. Thanks.

  3. Lyn,
    I am listening and I am hearing what you say…
    …and from your previous post I conclude your reasons…
    the problem is not with gays or lesbians…
    it is with the whole “picture”…
    ok…ok…calm down…
    hear me out…
    …homosexuals are such small percentage of our society ..really in a long run it does not make any difference….
    but !!!

    why suddenly ‘We The People’ need to ‘candy-up’ our ways…why we need to change our teachings…why we need to teach our children…why we all need to be aware of few?….
    let’s say we would like to have polish language as a curriculum in schools….
    what would you say???!!!

    I doubted very much….

    and by the way….
    polish descent citizens make a bigger percentage of American society than homosexuals are…

  4. Hey Lynn
    I don’t support hate of any kind. On the other hand read gay writings and gay supporters writings and they are FILLED with hate speech.

    What a lot of conservatives resent is this in your face attitude. I don’t care what gays do in private and frankly it is none of my business. I don’t like it flaunted.

    I support civil unions but refuse to accept that I am a homophobe because I don’t believe in gay marriage.


  5. In terms of Polish versus Gender,we wound’t learn their language but we could very well teach cultural diversity and acceptance for both Polish and gay/transgender people. Also it isn’t about numbers, majority, minority or special recognition, it’s only about recognition, period.

    I had my children watch three very important recognition movies that teaches how bad things are and how things should be, how people should be treated.


  6. Well, we could create a whole blog devoted to the purity of race now couldn’t we? And no, I don’t think that teaching another language and educating about homosexuality are the same thing. Language is a means for human beings to communicate. A way to share ideas. English just so happens to be our, United States of America, default language. It would be counter intuitive to teach another language – as the idea of language is to bridge the gap between two individuals. I speak english and you speak polish – there’s another gap. Immigration is another story all together.

    Let’s be honest. People have their reservations about those who are different. The more distant you are from these differences, the greater that influence becomes. Racism, homophobia, misogyny, misandry, it’s all the same. People are going to “hate.” But we can “desensitize” ourselves in the beginning, as children, so that these feelings are not so readily available. Then, when we’re adults and mature enough to make these types of decisions, can we hate and dislike those we so choose.

    I’ve had this debate about teaching children religion. We need to educate children about options. If religion is their only option, we just chose for them. Same with homosexuality. If they don’t see it or are exposed to it, save for television, then they are more likely to not understand it.

    Come on down to the country where I was raised. You’ll see less than a handful of black people. Take a look at all the pickup trucks with confederate flags in the rear view. Not many, depending on the company at the time, will refute that they “hate those worthless niggers.”

    I was one of those “rednecks.” I came to the city and was exposed to many things. Race, religion, sexual-diversity, etc. I must say that I am a totally different person today than I was when I was 18. I called black people niggers and I called gay people fags and lesbians dikes or rug-munchers. Is this any way to treat another human being? No, it most certainly is not. We could all do our part to ensure everyone is treated the same as we would be treated ourselves.

    Honestly, I’m not even religious, but I’m surprised there aren’t more Christians standing up for the gays instead of pushing them down. Didn’t Jesus say to “love thy neighbor”? I don’t think that there was a condition to that statement that said, “…unless he’s a fag.”

  7. As an example of gay hate speech, look at what the commenter Perez Hilton did to Carrie Prejean (the front runner in the Miss America contest) when asked about her views on gay marriage. He called her every name in the book. She specifically stated no offense, but this is how I was raised.

  8. Well, I think we’re on the same page when it comes to marriage. And yes, why is it any of my business who you choose to bed with? But it’s much deeper than that.

    Let’s use the oppression of the blacks. We could use the same argument that I don’t care where a black man got his drinking water from, I just don’t want to see him drinking it in front of me. Kinda silly, right? It’s the same thing. You can twist it all you want. It’s the same.

    But to my point. The gays today sort of feel urged to “stand up to the man” so to speak. I know a lot of gay people. They are good citizens, they are. But I also hear them say things like, “This man is watching us. I hate homophobes.” Maybe that man thought you looked like someone he knew. Or maybe he didn’t like your flamboyant shirt. They jump right to the jugular. Alternately, I know other gays, my mother included, who simply live their lives in piece. They don’t go to marches, they don’t attend meetings, etc. BUT, and this is a big one: It takes that collective voice to change the communities’ minds. They have to stand up. They have to feel on edge. We force them to. Remember Martin Luther King? He stood up. And so will the gays.

    When I was stationed in Korea. It was nothing to walk down the street and have the young college kids yell, “Go home Yankee!” to me and my comrades. The youth hates us over there. I’m a white male, I’ve never been discriminated against before. It was quite an eye-opening experience to feel that type of hate for what I represented and not for who I was as an individual. I felt really small, really quickly. It wasn’t a good experience.

  9. …Lyn…
    my point exactly…
    …we don’t need to know another “language”…it is enough for all of us to be aware of various backgrounds…diversity…sexuality…political views…etc…
    and by the way…
    in my line of work?….
    the best customers I ever worked with were homosexuals…
    and no!!!!
    I am not pushing them down…
    I am simply saying, our society became too politically correct…
    instead of teaching awerness and understanding, we are jumping into: ohhh yeah!!! we all want to be “black”…”homesexuals”…”blond”….”global warming freak”…or whatever….
    …and there is a great difference….
    ….it is a fine line just like between bravery and stupidity…

  10. Yes, and I was absolutely floored by this. She was asked to give her honest opinion about something and then repremanded for not giving the correct answer. Perez Hilton should be ashamed, and the Miss American pageant should be shunned from fined by their network. That whole situation was ridiculous. She should be allowed to have an opinion. You don’t need to share that opinion. But for the pageant to take her title away, or whatever they did, was wrong.

  11. 🙂
    I live in an area where black people are not residing…
    and if you see one driving by you you are most certain to conclude they are lost…
    …and growing up with a stigma of a german and lutheran in a communist society there is few I will not give a second thought:
    lazy and users….
    and I couldn’t care less if they are white , black, purple or green…
    because every person make a choice, every day….just about anything and everything…
    anyone’s private life is none of my business, but at the same level I wish for them not to impose their choice on me or my children…

  12. Yet the lame stream media nor the feminists came to her defense. I am not for depriving anyone of their civil rights and hate is ugly in any form as well as prejudice. I lived in the south and saw first hand racial prejuidice. I am still in the south and see reverse racism on the part of the blacks. I can’t tell you how many times I have been called a “cracker” just minding my own business. I see the perjorative term “cracker” just as insulting as the term nigger. I even recently was jumped by 3 blacks for confronting a black woman for sucker punching a white girl from behind. I fought them off and chased all 3 onto the skyway train. Not bad for a decrepit old man huh. And yes the black girl tried to hit me from behind, just her style.

    I don’t believe in saying hateful things to gays, but I really resent the fact that they think that they can be outrageous and not respect others.


  13. Yes, I agree, I hate political correctness as well. But I don’t think this is political-correctness-agenda-gone-wrong. I think this is a people wanting to stop the hate. You might be a tolerant person. And it sounds like you are; but others are not quite so humble about it.

    What I’m concerned with, is most people who hate, don’t even know why they hate. Can we agree with that? It’s ignorance, usually. I didn’t know why I hated niggers: I was just certain they were lazy bums. I had no clue why I hated gays: I just knew that I didn’t want my butt-hole violated. It’s that raw ignorance that drives the fears of people’s ignorance that’s a scary thing.

    And no one is forcing it down anyone’s throats. I don’t know where this is coming from. Educating you about a topic is far from making you agree to it. And, unless you can show me the police report, I don’t think anyone is shoving it down your throats.

  14. short little rebel

    And everything you say is true- but off point, Lyn. My article is NOT hateful. It is resentful. I believe firmly that all people should be treated with respect. I do tell my kids about gay people. I never put them down. I would never support bullying of a single human being on earth. I really don’t care if gay people exist, nor do I deny it. Further, I could care less if gay couples live near me (two couples do), nor do I wish to ostracize them. To bring up blacks and jews is ridiculous and just pandering to emotionalism. This program has a political agenda, which you yourself seem to agree with. You, yourself, seem to make a connection between this anti-bullying program and gay marriage and gay adoption. Lyn, you have to face the fact that the majority of Americans (and people in the world) do not believe that gay adoption (and hence, gay marriage) is good for children. (and not, because they will become gay or devil babies). It is because we feel that it causes gender confusion and deprives those 99% heterosexual children from heterosexual role models. Kids should not have to go outside the family to learn such basic information as sexual identities. But, as I say, that is not the point of this article. The point is that this program is NOT about Bullying, which is what the proponents say it is. Why should bullying of gays be different from any other kind of bullying? We already have extensive programs in elementary schoold about bullying. It could be improved, but it need not specifically point out every kind of bullying. Also, this program goes further than simple statements like, “Just because a boy likes boys doesn’t mean you can pick on him”. It goes further, it TELLS kids that “there is more than one way to be a girl” and “a boy can have a girl inside”, etc. While that information helps 1% of the children in this world to understand themselves (which I would have no problem with), it confuses the hell out of heterosexual kids. The liberals can never just stick to the point. This program is an example of the gay community trying, not just for acceptance and tolerance, but they want all of us to say they are ‘RIGHT’. This = shoving it down our throats. It is not hate. It is natural irritation.

  15. short little rebel

    @ infomationforager, the world does NOT need certainly. We were just going about our business until 1% of the population began foaming at the mouth, rabid in their desire for 99% of the rest of us to not only be tolerant of their lifestyles, but to accept them as right. also, we were just sailing along, minding our own business, until they broke into the school systems and began making general statements about sexuality that will help 1% of kids and confuse 99% of kids. People don’t like being slapped upside the head.

  16. short little rebel

    Joanna, liberals consistently frame anyone who doesn’t like the 1% beneficial agenda of this micro-minority. They can’t seem to understand that people really hate being slapped upside the head.

  17. short little rebel

    Yeah, John! I, too, support civil unions. But this 1% of the population needs us to say it is THE SAME as marriage. Equal legal recognition is not enough.

  18. short little rebel

    Wrong, Informationforager, it is NOT about recognition. Most people who oppose gay marriage & gay adoption do not oppose civil unions and FULL equal legal rights for gay people. The gay agenda is to force us to not only accept and tolerate, but to say it is the SAME as heterosexual marriage, family and parenting. Which it can never, biologically, emotionally, psychologically ever be. Society has bent over backwards to accomodate (mere recognition was acheived a decade ago) & tolerate their very different lifestyle. T.V. programs & the work place are chock full of openly gay people. No one bothers them. But recognition is not ENOUGH for them.

  19. short little rebel

    Lyn, you and so many liberals love to use the word hate. You love to equate valid difference of opinion to racism. If I hated homosexuals because they have intercourse with one another, then that would be hate. But that isn’t the case. I refuse to allow choiceless babies to be adopted to gay couples because it would force those children to find ‘replacement’ sexual role models for their sexual development. That speaks to a flaw in the basic family unit. To me, it equates to child abuse. I refuse to recognize gay marriage on that basis. Gay marriage must therefore include gay adoption. Marriage is and always will be the building block of society. Government simply can’t raise societies children. Past that, I could care less what gays do. This school program has nothing to do with simple communication. It is presenting sexual information to very young, impressionable, trusting children that 99% will find confusing. That is wrong.

  20. short little rebel

    Lyn, please. Racism, as I keep trying to tell you, is based in illogical hatred. It is illogical to make a judgement about the character of a man based on the color pigments in his skin. That is what racism means. But it is not wrong to distrust a group of young, black punks walking down the street with pissed off looks on their faces. One is illogical- the other is a judgement made with very good information. To think all Asians are nerdy geeks because of the curve of their eyes is illogical and would qualify as racism. But to notice and acknowlege that Asian people like to tote around a lot of cameras is based on basic observation and does not qualify as racism. The fact that it irritates and alarms people that gays want to present confusing sexual information to our heterosexual children is not illogical. You might not agree, when you become a parent. But that does not invalidate the fact that people have a legitimate beef about this. So please, please, please stop equating people who do not want this type of information being taught in schools with racism. There is no parallel, no matter how emotionally charged you make your argument.

  21. short little rebel

    Joanna, one of my acquaintances made fun of my handle, “short little rebel’, because it is connected to a conservative blog. He said, “shouldn’t you have called it short little ‘conservative’? meaning that to be rebellious is to be a liberal. But I told him to get with the times. It has become downright dangerous in public society to say, “I love Jesus”. You will clear the room at a party and will have to stand in an invisible bubble the rest of the time. If people don’t agree, for very good reasons, in the new liberally shoved, gay agenda, then we are rabidly attacked as ‘hate mongers’, ‘racists’, etc. It is sad.

  22. short little rebel

    So why do you persist is saying that because people (me) don’t want this program taught in school means I hate gays?

  23. short little rebel

    Would you tolerate the public schools teaching this to your kindergarder (who was gay), “Boys feel like boys inside and if they don’t, then they are very different from almost all the other boys”. Would you see an agenda there? It merely states a fact. Why not teach it? If this program just stuck to the point, which bullying is wrong, then I would have no problem with it. You, too, would feel that the public schools were shoving something down your throat- and your kid’s. I promise, you would be at the principle’s office in two seconds. Probably with a rude, rabid mob holding signs.

  24. Lyn,
    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Minority people feel like they want to stand up and be recognized…for what?
    Why does any human being have a right to be recognized? I’m a big white dude. I used to want to be known. For what, I didn’t care. Just wanted to be known. I wasn’t, at all. Then I stopped caring about being known, because I know what’s important comes after we die, and all of a sudden, I’m recognized in the community I live in. Not because of my race, my sexual orientation, or anything else but because I do things in my community. As John said, I don’t care, frankly, what you do behind closed doors.

    Here’s where I draw the line in this debate. 1st grade children do not need to be subjected to abnormal ideas. They’re having a tough enough time with all the info that’s being jammed in to them. It’s enough to tell them ‘that’ there are people out there who are different than us-whether skin color, body type, sexual orientation or whatever. It’s also ok to tell them that we should have a positive attitude about people, even if they’re different than we are. My concept is to love the person even if you hate their sin.
    I also believe it’s up to parents to educate children about stuff like that, not to have it presented to them in an environment that’s sterile, like a public school system.

    It’s one thing to not like some characteristic of someone. As an example, I like the story of the female tennis player Na Li. I don’t particularly like the fact that she has a tatoo on her chest. I don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Same thing is true with gays and transgenders. I know a few gay people and one transgender. Of course, my initial reaction wasn’t very Christian, but I didn’t automatically relegate them to any special status. And when I got to know them, I saw their personal qualities. I try hard not to hate anyone, and I teach my children and grandchildren just that. But it’s my responsibility to teach them those kinds of things, not the school’s to socially engineer.

  25. Right on.

  26. Short, I’d like to know where you get your 1% from. Last time I checked it was more like 10%. And that statistic was from decades ago. I guarantee it’s much higher today.

  27. Hey Lynn
    Educating us is rather condascending don’t you think? We are all adults and understand homosexuality. Just because we don’t agree with some forms that they want to take with it does not make us guilty of hate or prejudice. It is sort of like the libs who accuse conservatives (invariably christians) of racism becuase we don’t approve of Obama’s policies. This is the WORST kind of pandering. It is making someone disprove a negative like when did you stop beating your wife?

    I dont agree with homosexual marriage, I dont approve of teaching homosexual issues in grade school and I don’t agree that it is mainstream.

    And as far as the 10%, I agree that approximately 10% of our society is gay, but this is not what Shortie is talking about. The vast majority of gays are not MILITANT. Shortie is referring to the militant gays like Perez Hilton and his ilk which I believe is about 1%. Shortie, correct me if I have misrepresented what you were getting at, but I think that I understand and just offering a slightly different look at your side.


  28. Hey, we agreed! I wrote a post about the LGBT community wanting to be married. You can read it here:

    Marriage is steeped so far in religion that it would be very difficult to seperate. The traditions, etc. And knowing that Christianity proclaims that homosexuality is a sin, why would you, a homosexual, want to partake in something that does not recognize your lifestyle?

    But, I’m an atheist, and i just recently got married. So who knows.

  29. short little rebel

    Oh, Lyn, like all liberals, you like to focus on technicalities while avoiding the entire point. I concede that my 99% was not scientifically correct. That doesn’t change the argument, does it? Half the time, when debating with liberals, they start arguing about statistics & definitions! It’s tedious to say the least.

  30. short little rebel

    John, of course you got it right. Koreans are the Italians of the East. I use my hands a lot and love to exaggerate (if the exaggeration is harmless and irrelevant to my point). Of COURSE I know there are more gays than that. But 99% vs 95% vs 94% vs. 89% doesn’t change my point one bit. Liberals will ALWAYS tie up the conversation with nick picking debates over statistics, studies, and word definitions (ex: “what do you mean by ‘agenda’ or ‘hypothesis’ or ‘theory’. I think they are attempting to exhaust opponents with their lack of critical thinking.

    But you are wrong if you think I am targeting only militant gays. All people who are gay have voting rights. They give money to lobby groups. The vote in politicians who will push their gay agenda. They are just as guilty of shoving their politics down our throats as the Perez Hiltons. The day gay people stop doing this is the day I will stop screaming about it. What they do in their bedrooms, as long as it doesn’t have anything to do with children, does not concern me in the least.

  31. Well, then I would have to agree with you and Shorty both. I don’t agree with extremism of any kind. I thought her number represented the gay population as a whole. That would make more sense.

    And as far as educating goes. I would have to disagree with you. Like I said before, if you’re not exposed to it, you could care less about learning about it. Then when faced with it, you tend to swat it away. This is what I’m talking about. Just like my analogy of me growing up as a redneck and then moving to the big city. I changed. And so can a lot of people.

  32. I don’t have children, so for those who do help me out here. At what age do they teach them about the human anatomy, partnership, sexual intercourse, etc?

    I ask only because I believe that whatever age these things are being taught is the appropriate age to express that there are differences in the world.

  33. I’d have to agree with you about your “point.” The point of your post is about bullying and the “real” agenda.

    Now that I’ve digested it over the past several hours of this debate, I would have to say that I agree with simply tweaking the original “anti-bullying” discussion. Merge bullying as a negative thing across the board. It’s wrong no matter who you are. I get it! See, I evolved. lol

  34. short little rebel

    I can see how your prior racism or hate for gays might now shame you into going too far the other direction. But that is like a person who has been physically abused (like me) as a kid who says they will never spank. There is, of course, the natural fearful thought that if I spank, then I am just like my mother. But the thought process is completely illogical. I have incorporated spanking into my discipline plan for my kids. For many reasons, I actually think it is kinder than some of the emotionally devastating alternatives non-spankers resort to. A person truly achieves their character, not out of fear, but when they act out of good, sound, well thought out principle.

  35. In response to numbers and statistics quoting, I guess I have to say the some times, some people(both liberals and conservatives) make gross generalizations. We refer to stats and numbers to stay on track without it being argumentative. If the numbers are wrong or someone has legitimately different numbers than they should sourced and made plain. It’s not hair-splitting, it’s factual discourse. Thanks

  36. short little rebel

    Actual intercourse is not taught until high school, where biology references it obliquely by showing the penis & vagina/ovaries in biology classes. This information, plus the studies of eggs & sperm point to the obvious fact that the penis must ‘deliver’ the sperm, but I do not believe the actual act of penetration is taught in any school curriculum. There may be a few exceptions, but in general, I believe it to be true. If this class were taught in high school, I would be fine with that.

    5th grade is when Washington state teaches children about puberty- physical changes in their bodies. There is a brief discussion about aids, which I objected to, because it did hint at penetration, was also included. I objected to it because my daughter, who knows all about sperm, ovaries, penis, eggs, and has countless science books on the topic- she told me that she didn’t want to have ‘the final talk’ yet. The act of penetration can be frightening to young girls who aren’t ready to welcome that thought. My daughter said, no. And unlike when I was young, the school REQUIRED this aids program for all students. If you didn’t want your child to participate, they forced parents, like little bad children, to come and watch the video (requiring them to either take vacation or time unpaid) and only THEN could they sign a form saying ‘no’. Worse, because most parents would not be willing to do this, my daughter would basically be a pariah. Seeing this puberty video, I think, is kinda a funny rite of passage for kids. This ‘shoving’ of the leftist agenda kinda spoiled it for me. We had ‘the final talk’ beforehand even though my daughter wasn’t ready. Isn’t that sad?

  37. short little rebel

    Thank you, Lyn. So many times, when a person disagrees with a liberal agenda, people don’t see the reason behind it. So many have a knee jerk reaction to say it is ‘hate’ driven, which it is not.

  38. short little rebel

    ok, so 99% vs 90% made any difference?

  39. short little rebel

    I leave you with this excellent paper on critical reasoning. I believe it would be beneficial to your future arguments. I realize that valid arguments can be made concerning gay people & their rights. But you do not raise them and I don’t wish to do it for you. Read this paper and properly frame your points and then I will take your points in consideration..

  40. Actually,I thought I was very reasonable and factual. Thanks for the website. I am going to actually put in in my own blog right now. It looks like it’s right up my alley. Thanks again.

  41. short little rebel

    they are not exposing children to the idea that gay people exist. they are teaching that boys can feel like girls. In the general sense. that is over the line.

  42. I have to agree with Shortie on the schools but in my house, I answered my kids questions factually when they asked them and gave them age appropriate info.

    I had a daughter wander into the bathroom just as I was getting out of the shower and she was looking at my penis. I made no attempt to cover up and just let her look (she was 6 at the time).
    She also came in a couple of times when I was peeing and observed and again, I made no big deal out of it.

    This came in handy when she asked about how babies got into mom’s tummies at age 7. I told her remember seeing dads penis. He uses that to plant the seed into the mommy through her vagina. It satisfied her and she had no more questions until about age 15.


  43. short little rebel

    that’s how I handle it too.

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