The United States is Broke: Stop Sending Billions to Pakistan & States Who Hate Us

If I send $500 to my sister and she turns around and robs my household, I don’t think I would send her any more money. Would you?

I have learned that common sense, honor, trust, and all ‘the old verities’ William Faulkner talked about can only be found in the individual, not the group. The only human characteristics that seem to ‘bubble’ up to the larger, group entity are the bad ones. Like greed & self preservation. But also, a kind of stupidity that lacks any common sense- the group has no instinct whatsoever.

The United States sends billions of dollars to states around the world that hate our guts. The individuals hate us and the body of government hates us. They laugh with glee as they pocket our money, use it for nuclear weapons to threaten India & us with, and humiliate us as.


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  1. Hey Shortie
    As usual I find myself on your side. I am so glad you accepted our invitation to join our little group.

  2. you’re a sweetheart, John.

  3. Holy shit… twice in one day. We agree! People are going to start talking, shorty. lol

    Yes! Stop it! Stop sending our, I mean China’s, money to these shit holes. If they were appreciative, maybe. But come on. We’re broke.

  4. ha, ha! Lyn! better not let my husband know about this! 😉

  5. I’m not sure if the people actually hate us, or if it’s the governments that hate what the US stands for. At any rate, being Catholic, I know what being the big boy on the block means. We could do a lot better by putting our money into humanitarian organizations, like Catholic Charities, where 95% of your dollar goes to the needs of the poor. Better than wiring billions to Pakistan and thinking that’s going to fix anything. That money just goes into the pockets of other corrupt politicians. Give it to Mother Theresa’s Sisters of Charity and see where it really goes…

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