Now That Sarah Is Out, Michele is Stepping Up To The Plate.

MICHELE BACHMANN touts tangible conservative record –

Bachmann positions herself as the 2012 Republican field’s most effective social conservative. | AP Photo Close

Michele Bachmann touts tangible conservative record

By JAMES HOHMANN | 6/3/11 12:38 PM EDT Updated: 6/4/11 10:27 AM EDT

Speaking to hundreds of conservative activists at the Faith and Freedom conference in Washington on Friday morning, Michele Bachmann positioned herself as the 2012 Republican field’s most effective social conservative — the one with the best record of tangible steps to oppose gay marriage, abortion and the federal health care law.

The firebrand congresswoman said she was “at the tip of the spear” in efforts to block gay marriage in her home state of Minnesota, where the Republican-controlled state legislature voted last month to put a gay marriage Constitutional amendment on the November 2012 ballot — seven years after she unsuccessfully pushed for a similar measure while still a state senator.

Saying that 30 states have passed similar measures to define marriage as between a man and woman, she noted that New Hampshire will likely vote on the issue next year, too, and encouraged activists to consider pushing anti-gay marriage initiatives in their own states.

“I believe that this is the time to do it,” she said.

In her fiery 20-minute speech, Bachmann also pledged to defund Planned Parenthood. She said the organization is “corrupt” and commits crimes while enabling young minor girls to get abortions.

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