Liberals Are Trying to Take Out Under God From Our Pledge Of Allegiance

NBC, The Pledge, and Selective Editing

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On Father’s day 2011, NBC utilized their impeccable taste and creative skills to put together what they perceived as an electrifying, patriotic opening for the United States Open Golf Championship.

The opening featured a reading of the Pledge of Allegiance by a group of children in a classroom.

That would have been enough to stir the patriotic soul of even the most callous observer, right?


It stirred up Americans’ sense of Patriotism, alright. The idiots at NBC edited out the phrase UNDER GOD!

This is what viewers of the golf tournament heard:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, with liberty and justice for all.

And once was not enough for NBC. They did it twice!

The kids actually recited the pledge two times.  NBC edited the second version to not only leave out UNDER GOD, but ONE NATION, as well.

To say that Americans got stirred up is probably an understatement. Immediately, viewers took to Twitter and internet comment boards, calling NBC “scumbugs” and pledging to boycott the network.

Of course, once they realized that the overwhelming majority of America’s did not appreciate their selective editing,  NBC tried to feebly apologize.


NBC apologized for cutting the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance in its leadup to coverage to the U.S. Open at Congressional Country Club.

The move quickly drew criticism Dan Hicks said, during the broadcast of Open action:

We began our coverage of this final round just about three hours ago and when we did it was our intent to begin the coverage of this U.S. Open Championship with a feature that captured the patriotism of our national championship being held in our nation’s capital for the third time. Regrettably, a portion of the Pledge of Allegiance that was in that feature was edited out. It was not done to upset anyone and we’d like to apologize to those of you who were offended by it.

Once is an accident.  Twice is deliberate.

So,  how did the phrase UNDER GOD come to be in the Pledge of Allegiance?

According to

In 1953, Representative Louis Rabaut, a Democrat from Michigan, introduced the first bill in the U.S. Congress that would officially add “under God” to the Pledge. Rabaut’s effort was not immediately successful. It was, however, passed by Congress the following year, 1954. The Presbyterian Reverend George M. Docherty, who counted then-President Eisenhower among his congregation, was seen as influential in pushing the change.

In 1954, there were actually two bills introduced into Congress seeking to modify the Pledge of Allegiance by adding “under God.” The Senate passed one such bill. Congressman Rabaut, however, blocked efforts to pass that bill in the Congress, insisting that his bill be passed instead. On June 7, 1954, Congress did pass the Rabaut version, and the Senate passed the same bill on June 8, 1954.

The decision of Congress to add “under God” to the Pledge was, at least in part, a reaction to the Cold War with Soviet Russia. One of the differentiating factors between Soviet Communism and American

Democracy was that the Soviets officially advocated atheism. The phrase “under God” was seen, therefore, to reaffirm an important distinction between the two competing worldviews.

On June 14, 1954, President Eisenhower signed the bill officially adding “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance. The President remarked that, “millions of our schoolchildren will daily proclaim in every city and town … the dedication of our nation and our people to the Almighty.”

NBC isn’t alone in the zeal to remove God from the Pledge of Allegiance.  Harry Reid did it on April 12th, 2011, while citing the Pledge on the floor of the Senate:


Liberals have been pursuing their quest for years. In 2002, Minnesota Congresswoman Betty McCollum left the phrase UNDER GOD out of the Pledge, while leading it on the House Floor:


What is it about the phrase UNDER GOD, being in the Pledge of Allegiance, that causes Liberals to react like vampires in the shadow of the Cross?

On December 1st, 2008, in an article titled “It’s Time to Update the Pledge”, posted on, Sally Quinn wrote:

Today, pluralistic America is engaged in mortal combat against anti-modern, fundamentalist, religionized humanity.

It isn’t our belief in God that makes us different. It’s our belief in the liberties (religious and other) enshrined in the Constitution. The American creed is faith in liberty for all, not the religion of most.

Evidently, Ms. Quinn, Rep. McCollum, Sen. Reid, and their fellow Liberals at NBC have failed to heed the words of United States President John Adams who penned:

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

Isn’t it funny how those who claim to be the most tolerant Americans, are actually the least tolerant of all?

NBC and their Liberal brethren would be well-served to watch and learn from this explanation of our nation’s Pledge of Allegiance, given by America’s Clown Prince of Comedy, Mr. Richard “Red” Skelton, who, coincidentally, ended his long and storied career in network television with a half-hour series on NBC in 1971.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the incomparable Mr. Red Skelton:



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  1. I agree, this was no accident. Fortunately, for those who are not superstitious, our nation is moving towards secularism. They’ve undoubtedly hired a producer who is forward-thinking and willing to understand that this nation represents ALL. That we are a benchmark for other nations. Mediocrity is not our goal. And simply shunning all who don’t believe the way you believe, is rather shortsighted and barbaric.

    I’m a proud American. I sometimes hate what those at the top do in the name of this great nation, but I love her none the less. And for those to question my patriotism because I don’t believe in a god is out right wrong. THAT is bigotry, my friends.

    I was in the US Army. I stood at salute, and still do to this day, each and every time they play the national anthem. I stand, even when others do not. I get emotionally worked up when I watch videos of the trials our soldiers endure. I think about the pain their loved ones are in. The life that has been put on pause while they serve for us. I think about the millions of sons, daughters, fathers, mothers who’ve served and died to proudly defend those liberties that we so cherrish.

    So damn those who think they’re somehow superior and that their pledge is the only one worthy a nod in this country. This country who gives them that right. This country who doesn’t squash their beliefs but allows others with differing beliefs to flourish as well.

    And damn those who say, “Well, we are the majority.” To hell with your majority. In a manufacturing plant where men make up 97% of the workforce, should women not have equal rights if she so chooses to work there? In a country where whites make up 68% of the population, should asians, who make up a very small percentage, not have equal rights? “Not the same thing!” you say. Oh? How so? Explain why the need to have “god” on everything around you and making EVERYONE okay with it not the same thing as racism and sexism. More importantly, answer me this: Why must you have god on everything? Are you not secure enough in your relationship with god to not practice your belief in private? Will he somehow look down upon you for allowing others to simply live in piece? To worship the god they so choose, or none at all? According to you, we will all be judged individually. So why worry about what your neighbor believes or does not believe. Live, and simply let others live too. And just so that we’re clear, it’s not the atheists who are pushing their ideals on you; it’s you who are doing the pushing. We are simply enabling ALL people to be who they are. Jews, Atheists, Buddhists, Scientologists, Christians, etc. We are all human beings. We surely don’t believe the same, but we are all human beings none the less.

    What’s wrong with accepting others? And no, putting god everywhere is hardly being accepting of others. Sorry, but it’s the truth. So while your little christian world is crumbling down around you, don’t blame the atheists. Blame reason and logic. Those two guys are the ones to blame. And for god’s sake, you don’t need god to be patriotic. Stop that nonsense. Just the same as you don’t need god to be good. I will say it again, live and let live.

  2. Lynn
    I agree with you in principle. The difference is in our perspective. You have every right not to believe in God and I support you in that right. While I might not agree with it in principle, I support it nonetheless. You have the right of freedom of religeon or no religeon. You don’t have the right to impose your wish to take God out of our country.

    Why should your right in its tiny minority supercede the majority belief in God? That is real tyranny.


  3. It’s the “majority belief in god” that has gotten us to the “majority belief in god”, John. A while back I commented about children and religion and whether it was a good idea to teach them religion. If you are raised in one religion, that is the religion, right or wrong, you stay with. And if you happen to be raised by Jewish parents, you’re a Jew whether you like it or not.

    My point is this: The fifties were a horrible time in this country. Christians pretty much got their way with many things. The scales tipped and this is what we have to show for it. A nation full of confused people. This means that your statistic, which all Christians love flaunting by the way, bears no meaning to me – or other atheists for that matter. It’s meaningless and baseless.

    You can’t ask someone what they believe and expect them to answer with honesty. Here’s an example for you: I used to be a raging liberal. Almost a hippie. Then I was hired on at a Vietnam veteran owned company who employees more conservatives than Bush employees Mexicans. I was the minority. My young, naive mind could hardly confess that I was a liberal. why, what would they think of me. And going along with their racist, misogynistic holier-than-thou attitudes was the best way to get ahead. And I did. I eventually turned conservative. I was, after all, fraternizing with the enemy. lol I lost my way and started feeding their ideals. As a matter of fact, I had bought a ticket to go with them and rally in New York for the very first Tea Party movement. My boss and twenty other employees went in support.

    I believe people are not who they say they are. Many, myself included, only recently came out of the closet about our religious views. Their jaws dropped to the floor. Not everyone knows, just a few that I talk with on a frequent basis.

    Another example: My 16 year old brother in law doesn’t believe in god yet his Facebook status says “Christian.” Hm. Interesting. And so do all of his friends. Coincidence? I asked him why he does that and he said, “This girl that I like is Christian.” He wanted to “fit in,” John. He wanted to get some pooty-poo, not go to heaven.

    Come on, John, do you really think that Christianity would be the dominant religion had we not forced it down people’s throats? It’s everywhere. We’re a nation full of Christian hypocrites. That’s all they are. Actions speak louder than words.

  4. Hey Lynn
    I understand peer pressure. Most christians are that way by choice, not being forced. Certainly when children become adults, they are free to choose to become atheists as you are. I grew up catholic and rejected it because they teach doctrine contrary to what the bible teaches and became a christian instead.

    I have no problem with you being atheist, what I have a problem with is you trying to force the rest of us to take God out of everything.

    I have not shown you any disprespect at all for your beliefs and not just because you are the owner of this blog, but beccause I treat everyone that way who is atheist.

    You see my religeon demands that I respect you and your rights no matter how much I might disagree with them.

    People who look around and see lousy examples of Christians and judge Christianity on the lousy examples. The correct way for looking at Christianity is to look at Christ and His teachings to properly judge christianity. The bible says that none of us are righteous and are all hypocrites. It is just that Christians generally have a different set of goals and a faith that keeps them going.

    If I am wrong, I have nothing to lose, if you are wrong, you have EVERYTHING to lose.

    Blessings on you and yours

  5. Follow up
    You see you are making the mistake of judging everyone like they are similar to you. Nothing could be further from the truth and this is the way that many things get screwed up. Respect that people are individuals and are not all the same and come to decisions differently.

    I am self confident enough that I don’t pretend anything.
    Consequently I get into trouble because I speak my mind
    freely and let the chips fall where they may.

    I have always been an outside the box thinker and a leader
    who was ahead of my time. I was always willing to take the unpopular
    stand when everyone else was too afraid for their own benefit and
    were not willikng to make the sacrifices that being a leader entails.


  6. “If I’m wrong I have nothing lose?” So that’s your motivation? That’s just as bad as telling your wife, “I’m only with you because it’s better than being alone.” Actually, I’ve heard many Christians say this. It must be a very common mentality. They’re Christian, just in case. Better safe than sorry I always say.

  7. Well christians don’t just do it for the good luck charm, most honestly beliefve in Christ’s suffering death and resurrection for our sins and do
    it out of love for that sacrifice. I am just saying that if we are all fooled, we have lost nothing and most people lead better lives because of their christianity. I have never met anyone who became a real christian who regretted it.

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