Because of Science, Christianity Survives

Science, the constant study of everything.  Keyword being study.  I didn’t say, “Science, the knowledge of everything.”  I could have, but that would do science, and all of the scientists, a disservice in that it is the exact opposite of arrogance.  Enter Christianity.

Science makes strides in our knowledge base daily.

Each and every day we are eons above where we were the day before.  We’re learning at an incredible rate.  Meanwhile, our Christian friends are regurgitating the same old information for hundreds of years.  No change.

Christians are getting scared.

Hundreds of years ago, when religion was our only source of knowledge, science was just a hobby.  Crazy old fools in a shed doubling as a chemistry set from RadioShack.  Today, however, Science is starting to challenge religion and actually answer many of the questions long thought to be reserved for god.  Not all, mind you.  Remember, science?

Today, they’ve adopted an “if we can’t beat’em, join’em” mentality.

Most certainly due to some greedy churches spearheading the marketing of their church due to empty pews.  It’s sink or swim time.

I recently had a debate in my hometown with some Christians.

It blew my mind at how fast they adapt.  We were drinking coffee at Panera and one of them opened the discussion about the evolution of creationism.

They all professed that evolution is real, Darwinian Natural Selection is real, and that the Big Bang had some merit.

They didn’t subscribe to everything about all those topics of course, but it startled me that the “church” is starting to turn around.

The group was a young college group (21-29), and most were not conservatives, politically.  They were all die-hard Christians, however.  I really didn’t even know how to respond, because these are usually topics that we fight about, not agree upon.

I’m paraphrasing here, but they are kind of saying, “Yes, we’ve known that all along, we just didn’t give it a name.”  Adopting scientific principals for their own as if to say, “We know that.  Tell us something we don’t know.”

But, being the cynic I am (not really, just sounds good for this piece), I have to wonder if Christianity is morphing into a machine that’s capable of survival in a time when people are starting to wise up and look elsewhere for their answers.

Is Christianity evolving?  If so, I think it should be applauded.  It’s just sticking wallpaper over a dirty wall in the end, but they’re trying to bridge that gap.  I think.  What do you all make of this “movement.”

For reference, I have not taken a poll or researched this at all.  This group, for all I know, could be just another radical group with strong opinions who speak for all Christianity.  That’s why THIS discussion needs to happen.  Here.

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  1. Actually, the thought that life evolved, and ideas of how it evolved have been around a lot longer than 150 years…But there are different theories of evolution. I don’t question, as I keep saying, THAT evolution happened, but how it happened is another matter. But gravity is a law, is it not? Why not evolution?

    And actually, I belive that evolution does not disagree with the two first parents of the Bible. You might, others might, but the Catholic Church believes both can be correct. And I already explained the difference. It could be something as simple as that God chose two Neanderthals and breathed a soul (which is defined as knowledge and will), or it could be something else.Maybe I’ll find out when I die.

    Goatherders were probably not literate, and didn’t write the Bible. It was written by scholars in the way that could be understood at the time. You really think that someone 6000 years ago could understand the universe the way it is? God always speaks to us as we are. In our capacity. This is why the Hebrews had to be led from a tribal society (as much of the Arabian world still is) to the rules expressed in the Torah.

    Regarding when the flood happened, I have no clue. And the Catholic Church doesn’t have a definitive view. Only that it happened.

    Regarding women priests, can you give me an example of a woman priest anywhere in the Bible? The silence speaks for itself.

    There’s a difference between official excommunication, which is formal, and excommunication by your actions. It’s only that the Church recognizes that the person is acting outside the teachings of the Church. But many people excommunicate themselves by not following what the Church teaches. Nancy Pelosi is an example. Excommunication actually happens when a person does something that’s against God’s law. But none of the forms of that are irrevocable. It’s sort of like if someone joins the Mafia, but doesn’t follow all the rules. Or like someone who joins the Army but then doesn’t want to fight in an actual war.

    Regarding abortion, and reform, the Church suggests, but does not impose. Certainly would like to get abortion laws reversed, but it’s more important to change people’s hearts. If you change hearts, you will have success, but if you change laws but not hearts, you will fail. Every medical textbook I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a few, says that a human life begins at conception.

    The Church does not say ‘let the mother die’. Prove it. Show me a document that says we should let mothers die in childbirth. Regarding staying out of the doctor patient relationship, that’s not practical. What about morality and ethics? Personally, I wouldn’t have a doctor who has different moral views than I do, because he might do something or suggest something that would be harmful to me.

    Regarding love and your wife and children, would you do anything for them? Would you die for them? The truth is that love, and the capacity to love don’t come from ‘religion’, but are written in the natural law that is imprinted on your soul.

    Regarding proof of God, where you see none, I see nothing but proof. The universe proclaims the existence and glory of God.

  2. David, in regards to your question about the church suggesting that women should die to avoid an abortion at all costs, here is a very real article about a very recent happening. Are you saying this bishop didn’t know the rules of his own church?

  3. Susan I think the following words from your links story perfectly describes the Catholic Churches extremely warped and vicious attitude towards women. They have no sympathy with women at all…only with sex offenders. The Church needs to be shut down.

    “In the case of priests who are credibly accused and known to be guilty of sexually abusing children, they are in a sense let off the hook,” Doyle says.

    Doyle says no pedophile priests have been excommunicated. When priests have been caught, he says, their bishops have protected them, and it has taken years or decades to defrock them, if ever.

    “Yet in this instance we have a sister who was trying to save the life of a woman, and what happens to her? The bishop swoops down [and] declares her excommunicated before he even looks at all the facts of the case,” Doyle says.”

  4. I agree the nun and doctors did the right thing. My reason for posting the story was in response to David’s assertion that the Catholic Church does not have a directive on abortion. The article would suggest otherwise. If the Bishop was to not get involved per church policy, or hand out punishments for breaking church rules, the nun would not have been in trouble. Only if the church has a directive on allowing a mother to die in order to avoid an abortion would that be possible. Likewise, one can’t get tubes tied or a vasectomy at a Catholic hospital. It goes against the church policy. So I’m suggesting that David is trying to downplay the Catholic Church’s official opinion about abortion.

    Personally, I believe the choice to hide the identity of pedophiles in the Catholic Church was a political decision rather than a religious one. Kind of like when law enforcement officers hide the affairs of the politicians they are guarding because it would make the political office look bad. It’s just more proof that politics and religion need to be separate.

  5. You guys cannot even get what I said straight, how can you be believed about ANYTHING else. Of course the Church is against abortion. Only Nancy Pelosi and a few liberal nuns think otherwise.
    That nun was excommunicated for years of disobedience, not for one instance of permitting an abortion. And all she has to do is repent, and she’s accepted back.

  6. Also, the Church did not hide the identity of pedophiles. While they handled the whole thing wrong, they looked to secular solutions rather than what God would have wanted to be done. Secular wisdom of the time was that those men could be rehabilitated and released back into the environment. Exactly, I might add, what public schools in the US do today. Right now.

  7. Hello David,

    Yes the church did hide identities for awhile.

    You write:
    “Secular wisdom of the time was that those men could be rehabilitated and released back into the environment. Exactly, I might add, what public schools in the US do today. Right now.”

    The public schools that I know of give the police the name and address of any offender caught in or suspected of any sexual abuse in their schools. The very first thing they do.

    The CC however moves the priest to another parish and turns them lose again. ANY person caught f__king little boys/girls deserves rapid and heavy punishment by civil law, and no leeway at all. Many, perhaps most, of the victims of priestly abuse are scarred for life

  8. The “secular” solution is not to leave these people out in the public with access to the same victim group. Hence, the sex offender registry and restrictions about housing (e.g. child molesters aren’t allowed to live near schools or daycare centers). The church didn’t tell the congregations “Hey, Father Thomas here likes to fondle and rape little boys, but we’re pretty sure we can change his behavior with counseling so please be patient.” That is hiding the priests’ identities.

    And I don’t know why you’re talking about public schools. They do not treat pedophiles and release them into the environment.

  9. You’re the one who said the church had an implied position, but that it wouldn’t suggest the mother should die. Since Almighty God is in charge of the whole Judgment Day thing, I’m not really sure why you have an opinion about it anyway. It’s God’s problem. His life to take – or not. So…with that sort of logic, if God told you to take your son to the top of a mountain and stab him to death to prove your loyalty, you’d do it without question. That’s frightening.

  10. Word of me, you’re wrong. Most public school systems have a thing called ‘tenure’ which puts offending teachers into the hands of the union, which just moves the teacher around, and obscures the problem. NYC is famous for this. LA is famous for this. Many others, too. The Catholic Church, in the wake of the 15-20 year old scandal, sponsored a study which found that less than 3% of priests were actually involved, and less than 5% were even accused. The numbers in other organizations that have authority over children is in the 10% range of actual proven abuse.

    The CC, as you call it, did nothing of the sort. They rehabbed the priests in close psychiatric counselling, as was recommended by the psychiatric community when consulted, aand once pronounced fit for service, then placed back into the system. We know now that the abusive priests (most of whom were not pedophiles, but had sexual encounters with teens, something widely fantasized about in music and literary circles) are not rehab-able, and needed to be dealt with differently. A major reason for obscuring the names of many of the priests was to protect the identities of the children and families, more than to protect the priests.

    I agree that the Church handled the whole situation wrong, by relying on secular input to determine what should be done. The actual tendency of the church was to lock those offending priests in monasteries, effectively prisons for those who go to them unwillingly, and let them live out their lives in isolation.

    Susan, in your last paragraph, second sentence, you’re right, they do not treat pedophiles. Period. But they do leave them in the environment.

    Also, the implied position on abortion of the Catholic Church is that direct abortion is intrinsically evil. The problem with what you’re saying is that, while it is God’s life to take or not, we’re not giving God the option in abortion cases. We’re taking it on ourselves. The issue you’re speaking of is if it’s ok for mother to die or child to die, and I’m telling you it’s a false dichotomy. In the case you mention, a very rare one, other avenues of treatment were never tried. The nun and staff in question had a long history of going against Church teaching, and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Regarding your last statement, if I had a son, and God wanted him, he’d take him. God doesn’t demand such things of humanity, except for the once, six thousand years ago, or so.

  11. David, I don’t know where you got the idea that tenure protects teachers from the police because of the union. If a teacher is accused of molesting a child, the school district reports the offense to the police – where it is reported to the local district attorney by way of charges being filed so a warrant for the offender’s arrest can be created. There is no “hush-hush” cover up in public schools because the union requires schools to keep quiet about criminal behavior. Teachers who molest kids are arrested – not transferred. Well, unless you consider a move from the classroom to the jail cell a transfer. Teachers Unions do not override secular law – which is more than I can say for the mindset of the Catholic Church.

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