Petition Here: National Day of Prayer

Here is the link to the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) and their petition you can sign to aid their cause.  Click the FFRF logo below.


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  1. See this is an example of you trying to stamp out people’s right to express their religeon. We are not trying to stamp out your atheism.


  2. Sorry, gotta disagree with you again. “National Day of Prayer.” Sounds like a rather, together, event doesn’t it? I think so. Get the hotdogs together, set up a volleyball net. Drink a couple of beers. But it’s not, together, now is it, John?

    You see, The National Day of Prayer is assuming everyone in our nation wants it. Just like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Independence Day. National Holidays are just that, national. They aren’t “family” day of prayer, or “neighborhood” day of prayer, it’s The National Day of Prayer.

    So I’ll repeat again, and I’ll keep repeating until you guys get it, WE want equality for EVERYONE. Not just Christians. We want equality for men, women, children, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Scientologist, Buddhist, just to name a few. When you have a National Day of Prayer, whether you like it or not, you SHUN anyone not willing to participate due to their own personal belief.

  3. Lyn, why don’t you be equal and lobby for a National Atheists Day?
    Equality means being able to do what everyone else does. You are, to my knowledge, entitled to ask for a national day of rememberence. Doesn’t mean you’ll get it, but you are entitled to ask. FWIW, National Day of Prayer in no way suggests who you should pray to, now does it? If it did, I could see some objection…

    In what way does having a National Day of Prayer put everyone out? Most Americans don’t even bother. Some would pay lip service, others would be more devout. Equality means not closing the door on anyone. Anyone who’s a natural citizen can be President, regardless of anything else, well, you can’t be a felon. Equality means that nobody’s excluded, not that everyone is included.
    By the way, when did Halloween and Easter become national days of anything? Also, any member of any religion is entitled to ask his employer for a day off here or there for religious celebration.

  4. A national day of prayer is just that. You are totally free to ignore it. There is nothing mandatory in it. Since you don’t believe in God, I would think that this is simply irrelevant to you.

    What makes it relevant is that you want to preclude it.

    Let me give you an example. Gay pride day. I am completely against it, but I am not sayiing that gays should be precluded from exercising their right to have a gay pride day. You are however wanting to preclude Christians from exercising their religeon because you don’t like it.

    In order to have credibily on this, you by comparison have no choice but to come out against gay pride days?


  5. Lyn
    According to your definition of equality, no one could practice their beliefs in the open because there would also be people who did not like it.

    I could say I don’t want to hear your atheistic rantings and you need to stop so we can all be equal.

    Do you see what you are advocating? Do you really want to advocate that?


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