Obama is Seriously Flawed as His Many Serious Gaffes Attest


Obama’s Many Gaffes Reflect A Deeper Problem

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Michael Ledeen writes about President Obama’s many gaffes, which go largely ignored by Big Media:

Yet someone who tells a crowd in Vienna that his “Austrian” isn’t very good, who tells Marines that he’s pleased to speak to the “Marine Corpse,” and who, just today, said he’d given the Medal of Honor to a survivor from the 10th Mountain Division, when in fact the award was given posthumously, doesn’t fit my definition of a brilliant and cultured man…

And these people think they’re the smart guys, and we’re the dummies, even though we know that German is spoken in Vienna, and many of us would be mortified to make a glaring error about an American hero.

The gaffes are important.  They tell us a lot about the nature of our leaders, and it’s not good news.  But it is news…even though it’s not reported as often as it should be, or with the sort of concern the gaffes deserve.

From the comments thread:

Forget about Obama, the joke is on the media here. They created him and now they are trying to explain him. If they had done their jobs, he never would have been elected.

I agree. There were plenty of clues in 2008 that Barack Obama was not qualified to lead America, and the Democratic party had several more qualified candidates to choose from. But the liberals selected Style over Substance, Ambition over Leadership; and then hoped that he—and we—could survive until he accrued enough on-the-job training.

But Barack Obama lacks more than just experience. And no amount of on-the-job training will make up for a lack of character, integrity, and intellect.


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