Obama Knows He Has Fierce Competition, That is Why He is in Non Stop Fund Raising Mode




By now Dick Cheney knows Halperin was suspended from MSNBC for calling Obama a dick. No doubt MM is blaming Fox for the entire thing, the only problem is that Dick Obama realizes that we are paying for it. Laugh as he may it’s all short lived, he too is now paying a very high price as well with nowhere to hide.




EIB — PRES DICK OBAMA – Burst Updates





Negotiations on Minnesota’s budget have lasted more than 6 months before gov Dayton(D) locked the doors as the state faces a $5 Billion deficit. Dayton wants tax increases and the GOP will not back down. The liberals close on the holiday of our nation’s independence, imagine April 15th. Many other states have made the reductions, including NY, NJ, and CA. Wisconsin has already created surpluses in deficit ridden schools. Obama campaign central IL turned to tax increases and continues to sink in debt.



Why do all of the recent polls show lack of trust by the American people in the future of their country? Obama has no opponent yet he’s setting campaign fundraising records, why isn’t he leading the people who will elect him? He was voted in as the answer to problems, where’s the beef? What did you do for me and how are you going to improve upon it?



If ObamaCare is such an improvement why are there so many lawsuits filed against it? What about it makes all of these states not want anything to do with it? Why do it’s costs continue to soar? When Kagan was solicitor general she participated in the defense of the legislation, what makes her objective to review the case when it arrives in the Supreme Court?



Stimulus has come and gone leaving behind unemployment, closed companies, and deficits. We have seen the Allentown ad, the green miracle bankruptcies, union and government layoffs, once powerful American car companies decimated, the American dream under water, retirements destroyed… all under Obama.


Minnesota is change and hope for the regime. The only prosperity that can be attributed to America is due to the GOP governors who have reduced taxes. Look at Perry’s numbers. Minnesota represents today’s congressional mess, a ‘won’t back down D-gov refusing to pullout the spending needle and loading it with increased taxes. They are not listening to the voters, are not about to start.







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