Want to Read the SNOTTIEST Article EVER Written by A College Feminist? Read This!

So. This is the blog I have been ‘visiting’ this last week or so. I guess I irritated her. ‘Cause she wrote a WHOLE article on ME and my…. Oh shame! Misspelling! July 4, 2011

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This post is somewhat tangential to feminism, but I think it still addresses an important issue and one that’s always been hanging around in my mind.

Okay, so my friends know that I am absolutely obsessed with grammar and words. If you mix up your “your” and “you’re” I may gently correct you or mock you mercilessly (the latter really only being directed at my equally grammar-obsessed friends).

However, when it comes to being judgmental, there are things I like to keep in mind: primarily that education is a privilege. Not many people are lucky enough to go through as many years of schooling as I have, nor have access to the thousands of books that I’ve read, and so naturally, I can’t expect them to use the same vocabulary I’m accustomed to.


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