Where is The Libtard News Media Over Massive Cheating in Atlanta Public Schools




The Atlanta public school cheating scandal broke over a year ago, I do not recall reading about it anywhere other than locally nor seeing anything about the reverends, NAACP…, Obama let alone any of the tax frees. This was after 3 or 4 months of investigation of almost 15 schools and more than 250 teachers, city employee brothers and sisters. Not only was their family in the staff, this was city, the students were black.






Suddenly this is frontpage, the entire matter fell asleep for what seemed to be forever. Where were all of the liberal ground troops? What about the news media followers? What made Wisconsin, New Jersey, and the other states more important for Obama than Georgia?



Today 56 schools have been investigated, 80% participated in the corruption. They found 178 teachers took part, a surprising number simply quit. At the top, almost 40% were principles. Reconsider Obama’s pledge to education, his demands even now for more funding/spending.



Obama is intervening in the execution of convicted murderer and rapist Humberto Leal Garcia. He signed an exec order for abortions, creating more funding and fewer blacks, his first week in office. The NAACP just blasted CNN for having too many honkies in their news line-up. The terrorists are being sent to civil court.


The minorities, Americans, have been thrown under the bus by this administration. If there is no political cherry, then you, regardless of who or what you are, can just suck rocks. Obama cannot talk to the illegals, ¿tienes un humo? He gives them jobs, a drivers license, Social Security card, and a vote. Unlike the schools, they’re worth saving.













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