Should we raise the debt ceiling?

Whew!  What a hot topic these days.  And it should be.  It’s a scary time for our country.  We could default come August 2nd.  I don’t think anybody really even knows what that means.  I don’t.  I know it’s bad.  So what do you say?  You’ve been listening just like I have.  Should we raise the debt ceiling and avoid getting our country repo’d? 


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  1. Obama is the “liar in chief” Do you recall that he agreed to the Bush tax cuts until the 2012 elections and now he is reneging on that promise just like he has on all the rest of his promises.
    The content of his character is woefully lacking.

    He has no problem lying to try to get what he wants just like the Shovel Ready Projects ready to go right now and it was all a big lie that he admitted in an interview to the NY Slimes

  2. starvinghackers

    Name calling does nothing to help with the problem. As much as I am not a President Obama fan I am not a fan of many of the politician that are or have been in office. The budget problems underscore a much bigger problem that we are in. When this country was founded it was never meant that those that hold and elected office would treat it as a career. They were supposed to be public servants and that is by far no longer the case.

    Should we raise the debt limit? No one can be sure of the consequences of doing that or of just defaulting. If we do default it will hurt and hurt everyone bad but it will probably be better in the long run since then no one will ‘loan’ us money to support the uncontrolled spending that we are in. Of course that would still not prevent us from just printing more money which is what we are about to do again.

    The bigger issue is that we need to stop being the police of the world and make countries that want our help pay for it. Another thing that this country was never meant to be by the founding fathers.

    We will end up with the politicos in D.C. coming to some kind of ‘bi partisan’ deal that will raise the debt ceiling and keep us on the path to destruction.

  3. The fault lies squarely with this administration who refused to pass ANY budget last year waited until the very last minute this year to negotiate. That was nothing but a strategic move in an attempt to get the Republicans to cave. But now that they wouldn’t, it is looking bad.

    I think that the only way to get the cuts needed to save our economy is to allow the deadline to pass. Only under tremendous pressure will this government (both republican & democrat) make any substantial cuts.

    Any one of us could go to congress and do the job. But none of us is on the elite pay roll, are we? That is when good old fashioned common sense would solve a very easy problem.

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