Anna Paquin Talks About Being Bisexual: Great.

Anna Paquin Talks About Being Bisexual: Great..

Advertisements promise more sex for the next season!

Ahhh… whatever happened to the good ol’ days when children watched Little House on the Prairie with their parents and everybody cried at the end? Whatever happened to Happy Days, where we always found a true-blue heart beating in the breast of the neighborhood thug? Remember Hawaii 5-0, when the cops always got the bad guy? The six million dollar man who always ended up reluctantly rescuing people in trouble? Flipper & his boy?


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  1. Come on! I love this show. A vampire soap-opera. With boobies. What’s not to love? lol

    In all seriousness, I get your point. However, if you’re going to blame anyone it’d better be Elvis. The women seen those gyrating hips of his and there was no turning back. From then on, we needed something more. That next fix. Let’s face it, we’re addicted to sex.

    I blame Elvis, but I don’t think this is a recent thing. Take a look at primitive tribes and their views of sexuality. It’s quite primal. We’re not too far from that now are we?

    I love science-fiction, horror, violence, etc. But I was hooked on Smallville. It’s a pussified version of Superman. It was about Clark during high school. Most of the stories pinned him as an ordinary guy struggling with his stake in this world. I got it. And there was always a positive message. No cursing, no sex, no TRUE evil. And I always felt good after watching an episode. So, yes, I too miss “feel good” shows. Shows that inspire you to call your mom and simply tell her you miss her. Or visit your grandpa and just hang out, no expectations. Or give a homeless guy a meal.

    Where are all the good shows, Shortie!

  2. I could handle ONE show about the occult. But so many shows are going that direction. It makes me wonder, “Are we so over stimulated that good old fashioned sex is BORING?” Do we need dead people, animals, multiple partners, whips, chains, and S&M just to reach a nice climax?

    I like being innocent of these things. I get off on my beautiful husband. I love our love making. It is so full of love, acceptance &…. well, hotness. And none of these bizzaro things are involved. I can’t help but feel that these things would detract from what we have. Our love & friendship fuels our sexual desire- not thoughts of… dead bodies. Gross.

    I really think that these ideas will ruin sex for young people. They will have such strange thoughts and expectations (nothing mere mortals could live up to) and are bound to be left…. either disappointed or embarrassed of themselves or their partner.

    People only have so much to give. And what they can give is good. These types of shows, I think, can and will destroy this goodness by discounting it.

    My thoughts are for the young. Not for people like me, who are well established in my sexuality.

  3. If the ‘young’ are watching this and their parents don’t know about it, that’s a failure of parenting. If they are watching and the parents don’t care, then really, that’s there business.

    I always try to keep it simple: as long as it hurts no one, do what you like.

    “Love is not all wine and roses. Sometimes it’s handcuffs and cheese.” – Tim Minchin

  4. Well, Not, your ‘simple’ philosophy is exactly what moral decrepitude is. And, it contradicts your first statement that says parents are ‘wrong’ to let their kids watch the show. That is a moral judgment (a correct one) that flies in the face of your second comment.

    People who claim to be liberals are almost always doing something morally wrong- that is why they love relative, ‘simple’ morality. It gets them off the hook, so to speak. But God is real and so is morality. You know it whether or not you admit it.

  5. “And, it contradicts your first statement that says parents are ‘wrong’ to let their kids watch the show.”

    I didn’t say it was ‘wrong’, not in any absolutist religion-ish type of way. I said it was a failure of parenting. And that’s my opinion, but also could lead to harming the child, thus making it in sync with my harm comment.

    “People who claim to be liberals are almost always doing something morally wrong”

    By your judgment, the fact that I’m an atheist is probably ‘morally wrong’, so it doesn’t really bother me that you think this. I don’t think you’re morally wrong. I just think you’re wrong. Which makes me the bigger person. 🙂

    “You know it whether or not you admit it.”

    100% incorrect.

    Are you claiming the ability to read minds, now?

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