Michelle Backmann’s Marriage Vow

Wow… what a topic.  Lots and lots of goodies floating around for the people to just gobble up.  Or to quote a friend, and fellow Ranter, “Chum for the sharks.”

Michelle Backmann, in a effort to make headlines, has signed The Family Leader’s Marriage Vow petition.  There are things in there about what a good wholesome familyshould be.  But is family a one size fits all definition?  That’s what the Family Leader would have you believe.  And with Bachmann’s signature, your prospective president of the United States as well.

Here’s the ORIGINAL  document.  Not the ALTERED version you can find at their website.

Let’s just hope that the world has their eyes open and uses their senses to acknowledge the lunacy of her campaign.  For the sake of all who are different from Michelle Backmann, I hope that we are smart enough to not cast our votes for this candidate.

The Oppostion:

Here is a video of The Family Leader’s Bob Vander Plaats’ rebuttal to all the crazy-talk the vow is receiving.


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  1. Actually, there is only one definition for family, Lyn. A family is parents, and children. Parents are the ones who made the children, the producers of the egg and sperm cells.

    Certainly, there are different flavors of families-those that adopt children, those without children.

    A family never consists of two gay people, regarless of what they choose to call themselves. A marriage can never be between two gay people, regardless of what some people want to call a union between two gay people.

    Marriage is a societal institution that revolves around the rearing of children. The good of the child is the purpose of marriage. The natural way to produce children is heterosexual intercourse, which creates a natural family.

    When one parent leaves the family, the whole family suffers. Children lose when both parents are missing. Girls lose learning to interact with boys when the dad is missing, and boys lose the same when mom is gone. Girls lose out on learning girl things from their mom, boys lose out on learning male things when dad is gone.

    This is not to say that having two moms or dads can’t work, it’s to say it’s less than ideal.

    I applaud Michelle Bachmann for her stance. And Bishop Cordileone. http://www.usccb.org/comm/archives/2011/11-131.shtml

  2. Not quite sure what the problem is here. Pretty straightforward stuff that is a fundamental part of Christianity and conservatism. The traditional family is the cornerstone of Western Civilization and anything or anyone that seeks to undermine, redefine, tear down, or otherwise weaken the institution of marriage has to be vigorously opposed.

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