Apple releases OSX Lion for $29.99

I can hear it now.  The guys over at Microsoft are spinning in their cush chairs wondering why they didn’t think of that.  A whole operating system… just 30-bucks.  Who’d of thunk it?  Apple did.

Apple has finally released their long awaited answer to Microsoft’s Windows 7.  Well, to be fair, Apple seldom benchmarks from Windows, but it’s just good conversation to assume they are “fighting.”  Yes, Apple has followed up a very successful Snow Leopard with the king of the jungle, Lion.  This is version 10.7.  And you can get it by going to the App Store.  A boxed version is not available any longer.  Which makes OSX Lion the first digitally distributed Operating System.

Here are some of my favorite features:

Multi-Touch Gestures have become favorited by the recent craze in tablets.  Particularly the iPad.  This will allow you to essentially interact with your Mac in the same fashion as your iPad, or iPod.

Do you hate clicking the green “+” button to have your app only enlarge to the leftovers after your dock?  Well, your dreams have been answered.  Lion has built Full screen into the operating system.  So now, all you have to do is click the full screen icon on the top right side of your app.  Pretty cool.

This has been a long time coming.  I hate having hundreds of windows open and not be able to control them.  You screen becomes cluttered really quickly.  Expose attempts to help this, but if an app opens more than one window, it simply gets lost in the chaos.  So bravo for this added feature.

I’ve been using this feature in Snow Leopard for some time now.  I did see an uprise in my app purchases.  It’s just too easy to simply click “buy.”  lol  Maybe that’s not a good thing.  But I can’t blame my lack of impulse control on Apple.

Just like Mission Control, if you get too many apps, they eventually become just a drop in a bucket.  I don’t like searching for an app more than a couple of seconds.  It shouldn’t be that hard.  I put my most used apps on the dock, which is fine; but for those rarely used apps, Launchpad will see it’s day.

Resume is something that I didn’t even realize I needed.  I can now close down an app and then reopen it where I left off.  I no longer need to take notes about what I was doing before I closed it.  If you’re like me and have a busy life, and have taken on multiple projects, then you understand that it’s not a linear juggling act.  You must multitask.  And this feature will help with your ADD.  lol

These two guys, Auto Save and Versions (from left to right), will save your ass, literally.  Have you ever spent time writing a paper, revising it, deleting this, changing that?  And, like a good little boy, saving it all the while.  That’s a good practice, right?  But realize that your going down the wrong path?  Bamf!  Unless you had the foresight to make several versions of it via the Save As portion of the software, you’re screwed.  But with Auto Save and Versions, it’s all done for you.  And you can go back in time to every stage of the process to retrieve a later version or just a portion of it.  Brilliant!  This should be standard on all operating systems.  Especially those for work.

This feature is actually kind of a novelty function.  I don’t yet have a use for it.  I will, however.  It’s called Airdrop.  It essentially takes the pains out of setting up a local network and educating all the various users how to use it properly.  With Airdrop, you simply select the content you want to share and drop it on the person’s picture of who you want to share it with.  And this is a one time thing.  I don’t know if you can share continually or not.  I’ll leave that one open.  This is more of a, “Hey, can you send me that report you did Friday.”  We used to do this through email.  Remember those days?

Speaking of Mail.  This app needed revamped badly.  It was too simple.  Simplicity is where Apple shines, but some apps are over simplified to the point of being useless.  This iteration attempts to fix that issue with redoing Mail from the ground up.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I’m excited about the updates.  And it’s nice to see that Apple has finally gotten their apps up to 64-bits.  So I leave you with this.  Why is Microsoft charging over $100 for their operating system?


About Lyn May

Designer, engineer, producer; I haven't really decided yet. Maybe I'll keep it that way - it's much easier to be undecided any way. I love graphic design, writing, photography, video production, animation, playing guitar, singing, engineering and pretty much any other medium that allows me to express my self artistically/logically.

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  1. the word of me

    “Why is Microsoft charging over $100 for their operating system?”

    Because they can…dammit !

  2. the word of me

    “Why is Microsoft charging over $100 for their operating system?”

    Because they can…dammit ! 🙂

  3. lol… true. Having THAT much market share puts them in a really nice place.

    Have you seen the numbers of late though? The scales are tipping. Apple is the most valuable brand in the country now. Beating out Google even. Microsoft is now third on the list. Followed by McDonalds. Speaking of which. Do you find it sad that a fast food chain is right up there with the big boys? That just blows my mind!

  4. starvinghackers

    Lyn – are the scales really tipping? Really still less than 10% (8.1%) of os usage and staying the same over the last 6 months. The other question: is Lion a full OS or is it basically a service pack for the previous OS that Apple users were lucky enough to pay $30 for?

  5. But what you’re forgetting to add in there is iOS. Apple is slowly merging their products into one. I predict that there will not be a such thing as a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone. These things will all be one. And THAT is what Jobs is going for.

    And last I checked, iOS makes up the largest number of smartphones.

    To be fair, Lion is what Snow Leopard should have been. But yeah, thirty bucks. Not, say, 200. Big difference. And going from XP to Vista, however you slice it, was a downgrade for 200 bucks. How do you like them Apples… lol

  6. starvinghackers

    Android is the market leader in Mobile OS with 36% compared to iOS 26% RIM is only slightly behind Apple but in reality they are in trouble. I don’t dissagree that a unified OS accross all platforms is going to be the way it is but it is not going to happen as quickly as the Lord Steve Jobs would like. I do agree that vista was a step down from XP but in reality it was only a stop gap to make M$ a few bucks while they finished Windows 7.

  7. Fair. Agreed.

    Lion is so much more like iOS it’s not funny. What with the whole gestures thing. It’s really cool, just takes a lot of WANT to train oneself to do it differently. You know? And lets be honest, most people are quite lazy and have become complacent in their computing.

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