Even McDonalds thinks we’re too fat

Ronald McDonald, we all grew up with that big ol’ smile, red nose and floppy shoes.  And every time mom drove by McDonald’s, we’d scream at the top of our lungs til we had our little fat hands wrapped around an even fatter cheeseburger, over-salted, greasy french fries, and then, to wash it all down, our favorite over-syruped beverage, full of caffeine, so as to counteract the effects of the shock our systems are going through in attempting to digest this conglomeration we have come to call a “meal.”

Yes, boys and girls, McDonald’s has announced that they are now health-conscious.  “We want to ensure the highest standard of food for our nation’s children.”  But let us break this down to what’s really going on.

McDonald’s got it’s humble beginnings in 1940 by a couple of brothers.  There names, Richard and Mauice McDonald.  They saw an opportunity with the country, San Bernadino, California in particular, and the way people ate their meals.  Or didn’t in some cases.  “A speedy meal for a speedy worker.”  Their focus was on speed.  Getting those burgers out the door as quickly as possible.  And before long, the convenience of NOT needing a wife or a mother to generate that meal became appealing – especially to the wives and mothers.  And the rest is history.

Today, thanks to hundreds of campaigns devoted to educating the public about the effects of not eating a healthy diet, the industry is slowly beginning to shift.  Shifting in favor of our bodies.  You see the trend of green living, organic eating, excercise, shut off your car and ride a bike… you get the point.  But corporate meal factories like McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s, are feeling the effects of people straying from these forms of restaurants.  In rebuttal, they are standing strong… via marketing.

Like any good corporation, so as not to be left behind, they have announced a healthier solution to the growing number of organizations advocating child health and welfare.  Here are just a couple of the alternatives for children:

Instead of over-salted, greasy french fries, the children now can choose a packet of apples.  Sounds good, right?  Not so fast.  There’s a tub of over-sugared carmel dip in there for the apples.  And who doesn’t like caramel apples?  I do.  Additonally, the kids can get a packet of vegetables.  Again, not bad McDonald’s.  Wait… they will also have a tub of Ranch sauce or artificial cheese sauce to go along with it.  And let’s not forget the packet of cookies and the high-sodium, high-caffeine, hig-fructose corn syrup of a beverage to wash down all that goodness.

And we wonder why our children are increasingly getting fatter and fatter.  Every year, statistics show that childhood obesity is growing and is becoming a epidemic.  Since 1980, obesity amongst children has tripled.  Over 17% of all children between the ages of 2 and 19 are considered to be, not overweight, but obese.  There is absolutely NO reason for a child to be overweight.  Let me say it again in case your eyes jumped a few words when your heart gasped for for air after consuming Wendy’s 1/2lb. bacon cheeseburger they call the “Baconator.”

There is absolutely NO reason for childhood obesity.  If your child is obese, shame on your.  Get the kid to a doctor and talk with a nutritionist before you kill them.


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  1. “There is absolutely NO reason for childhood obesity.”

    Well, sometimes there is, as genetics and other medical issues CAN have an impact. This is obviously the minority, but I thought I should mention it.

    I’m a sensitive fat guy, after all. 😉

  2. lol… point taken.

    No, my point is this: We, as society, have a stake in our own lives. And we most certainly CAN do with that what we will. But to subject our children to the same lifestyle, we have personally chosen, is wrong. Our children look to us for guidance. If this is the guidance we give them, then THAT is what I have a problem with. And we can most certainly blame our glutenous society for that. WE did this to ourselves. But the tides are turning. People are slowly becoming more educated on the subject of food.

    Kathryn and I made a vow to never eat at McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King or Wendy’s. We have not eaten at these places in over a year now. I’m proud to say that we don’t miss them at all. Once you cross these options off your list, you’d be surprised at how “not so difficult” it is to choose healthier options. Granted, you won’t find a meal for under $3 like you can at McDonald’s, on their dollar menu, but what a small price to pay for one’s health. You know?

  3. amen to that. I havent eaten fast food in years, now when I do it makes my stomach hurt. Some people live on a dollar menu because they think they have to. COOK AT HOME. sure you might have to eat the same thing 3 times a week if youre low income, but then again youre doing that already anyways. choosing grilled or baked chicken with some rice and vegetables over a 400+ calorie burger makes all the difference on your figure. @ the sensitive fat guy: lose weight you wont be so sensitive! @author: it is kind of harsh to say that all parents should teach their kids to be OCD enough as to calorie count. but obviously it is up to parents to teach them about choices and how to make the right ones so I am still in agreement as long as the parent in particular doesnt overdo it and get all totalitarian about it. then the kid will move out and eat everything.

  4. ill further that by saying that I live in East Dallas, where the population is mostly hispanic. 85% of the kids i see in my neighborhood are fat. and I pick up trash in my yard from all kinds of sweets, ice cream, and other mexican snacks. with traditional mexican food being fattening already, I DO think its time for hispanic parents to make sure their child is not on a 5000 calorie a day diet. not that there arent fat white kids around here too, im just sayin’… the numbers are staggering and its really about habits. if you dont help kids form good ones who will? some people are too lazy and complacent to do anything themselves later so it is good to ingrain it into them while young.

  5. Thanks for the reply. I’m currently struggling with, and am diligently researching this, on whether we even need meat at all. I’m probably going to post about this in the future.

    And I don’t believe I used the words “calorie count” to describe the way in which a parent should raise their children. There’s no difference in telling the kid “no” to McDonalds for whatever reason and saying “no” to the 9-million toys a kid will cry out for everytime we go to the department store. I’m going to teach responsibility and reason to my children. I’m going to do my best to not even let fast food and candy be on the menu.

    And what does being a good, aware parent have to with totalitarianism. First, children are horrible decision makers. They are basing their reasoning from, what, one to two years of experience.

  6. 100% in agreement. We are their role-models after all. Hence the reason for shaking my finger at parents of fat children.

  7. Childhood obesity is a very unfortunate thing. The only food kids have access to is the food provided by their parents. If the kid has parents that choose to provide nothing but McDonalds for lunch and Little Debbies for snacks… I mean, what can the kid do? They’re just doomed to poor health and bad habits formed early.

  8. HandyLiberal,
    Completely agreed. It’s sad really. If a man and woman want to be lazy fat asses, fine; but don’t instill that same absurd lifestyle into your children. Give them a chance for christ’s sake. Whatever they learn, they learn from you.

    And not to get too far off topic, but I applaud Michelle Obama for bringing awareness to being healthy. And damn Palin for her trying to make her look bad by throwing in the, “She’s trying to take our freedoms away,” towel. Anyone trying to help another is a good thing, Sarah. Not a bad thing. But just like parents should be teaching their kids how to eat healthy, yours should have taught you respect for your fellow man.

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