Monthly Archives: August 2011

The art of Philanthropy

I have always been a huge critic of the millionaires and billionaires who give money to the needy.  Not that I don’t want the needy to receive help, but must the rich publicize their “good deeds?”  Must they stand Read the rest of this entry


Jon Huntsman: The one SANE republican candidate

I’ve been so scared for the future of this country of late when learning of the candidates we will eventually choose to be president in 2012.  You’ve got a group of puppets driven by the Tea Party.  The Tea Party movement has their hands so far up these candidates ass’s you can Read the rest of this entry

Dreams, goals and reality

A smiling woman stands over a little boy in class as she straightens his white button-up shirt in preparation for class pictures.  The boy gives a disapproving frown as she combs a hair out of his face.  “So Johnny,” the woman begins, “What are you gonna be when Read the rest of this entry

Google is the Walmart of the internet

So Google is releasing games for it’s social network Google+, eh?  In competition with Facebook’s gaming engine?  Let me explain why Google is becoming the Walmart of the internet. Read the rest of this entry

New Evidence: Life originated in outer space

NASA-Funded researchers and scientists have found evidence pointing that life may have got it’s origins in… wait for it… outer space.  So, we’re aliens? Read the rest of this entry