New Evidence: Life originated in outer space

NASA-Funded researchers and scientists have found evidence pointing that life may have got it’s origins in… wait for it… outer space.  So, we’re aliens?

People have been discovering components of DNA in Metorites since the 1960’s, but researchers were unsure whether they were really created in space or if instead they came from contamination by terrestrial life.

Said Dr. Michael Callahan, lead researcher of the find.  He goes on to say,

For the first time, we have three lines of evidence that together give us confidence these DNA building blocks actually were created in space.

But hoh, there are plenty of nay-sayers.

There’s no way that came from here.  It’s contaminated.

Well, going from that sense of logic, will we ever really find out where DNA may have originated?  It’s funny.  No sad.

So what do you think?  Is there enough evidence to CLEARLY make a call as grand as this?  Or are we spinning our wheels?


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  1. starvinghackers

    My guess would be that the hand of God touched the Rocks in Space and then gently nudged them toward the Earth. As the Rock hurtled toward through space the seed that God planted started to grow. It learned as it sped toward the Pale Blue dot we call Earth. When it got here it landed in a corn field in Iowa. Thus why many people ask when they are in Iowa if it is Heaven.

  2. Actually, the state is Kansas. The meteor landed in a corn field in Kansas. Jonathan and Martha Kent were driving by one day and spotted said meteor and decided to check it out. What they discovered would change their lives forever.

    So, does that make “god”, Jor-El?

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