Jon Huntsman: The one SANE republican candidate

I’ve been so scared for the future of this country of late when learning of the candidates we will eventually choose to be president in 2012.  You’ve got a group of puppets driven by the Tea Party.  The Tea Party movement has their hands so far up these candidates ass’s you can almost see one of their middle fingers when Michelle Bachmann speaks.

Being a centrist, politically, affords me something called common sense.  I’m not driven by a particular party’s agenda, but by what is “right” for me, my family and my community.  Because, let’s be honest, what’s “right” is subjective.

What scares me?  I’m glad you asked.  Candidates who are driven by their faith scares me.  Candidates who are driven by the Tea Party movement scares me.  Candidates who can’t use common sense and logic to put their egos aside for the sake of what man understand today – being science.

Below is a video of an interiview with Jon Huntsman; Republican presidential candidate.  He’s a self-admitted center-right.  In his interview, he talks about the other candidates being fringe.  And he’s correct.  They’re just too far right to do the country, a mixture of both, any good at all.  Problem is, there are those who consider themselves Republican and will vote with their party.  They don’t care about the issues as much as whether or not there’s an “R” next to their name.

He admits that the Republican party has gotten away from it’s core values.  And he blames the Tea Party for it.  And from what I can tell, he’s the Republican that’s got my vote.  Why?  Because he let’s the professionals do their jobs.

ALL of the Republican candidates, with the exception of Jon Huntsman, do not believe in Climate Change nor do they believe in evolution.  Considering that we teach our children climate change and evolution in high schools, don’t you think it’d be a good idea that our country’s leader atleast remain unbiased on the subject?  This blows my mind.  “Johnny, you failed science this quarter.  Why?”  Johnny crosses his arms and with a smug response says, “The president says that evolution is nonsense.  That it’s not even real.”  How do you respond to that, as a science teacher?  The most powerful man in the country says what you’re teaching is false.  What!

Jon Huntsman has declared that the Republican party is becoming more and more the “Anti-Science” party every year.  And this scares him.  As well it should.  They look like fools out their on stage.  But what’s really sad is, there’s just enough fools to vote them into office.  Watch the video.  And if you are one of the puppets who will vote Republican no matter what, then at least vote for one who has removed the Tea Bagger’s hand before speaking.


About Lyn May

Designer, engineer, producer; I haven't really decided yet. Maybe I'll keep it that way - it's much easier to be undecided any way. I love graphic design, writing, photography, video production, animation, playing guitar, singing, engineering and pretty much any other medium that allows me to express my self artistically/logically.

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  1. the word of me

    Hi Lyn,

    I totally agree with you…the Republican Party has gone batspit crazy and I really fear what will become of our country if one of the fundamentalist politicians make it into the presidency. There is very dark and evil things going on in the political backrooms. Look up dominionism on google.

  2. Yes, I have never heard of dominionism. The first link on Google was for a Wikipedia article on the subject. The very next entry was for Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry. Hmmm. Interesting.

    As a Christian, would I WANT my country to be ran… by the church? I can’t imagine anyone saying yes to that. What would the laws be? What would each individuals rights be like? Would we still even be free? I mean, the chaotic nature of religion, what with all the loop holes and all, scares the bejesus out of me.

    I feel that if Christians would sit down and REALLY think about that for one moment, they would understand why secularism is the ONLY real answer for a people. Have they forgotten why we left Europe? I mean, come on. Do they really want to go back to that?

    I’m just confused. And it blows my mind.

  3. Completely agree! It blows my mind that he only has about 2% of the vote at this time… He is the most qualified and sane Republican running, yet people still support the crazies like Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum. I just don’t get it. I’m curious – what are your thoughts on Chris Christie and Herman Cain?

  4. I have to admit that I don’t know much about Chris Christie. Other than he’s swaying back and forth about whether or not he’ll run. Which, to me, looks like the high school prom queen in the locker room asking the other girls if she’s too fat. It’s ridiculous. I don’t like to make assumptions based on such little information; but the last thing this country needs is someone without direction. Are you, or aren’t you. Make a decision, man!

    Herman Cain really fires me up. You know. He reminds me of the presidents of USA past. He has a fire to get people moving. But is he in it for the spot light? That’s the one question that lingers in the back of my mind when I watch him on stage. I need to have a warm-cushy feeling about my next president. I don’t get that with Herman Cain.

    Here’s where I stand. I’m a centrist. But I lean mostly progressive. I feel that the government is a double edged sword. One one hand, I want them out of my business. Too much regulation, blah, blah, blah. But on the other hand, without that regulation, who’s there to fend off the corporate sharks?

    Corporations are there for profit. And despite what Republicans would have you believe about capitalism, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Capitalism: The philosophy that corporate expansion aids in innovation… and all those little droplets of profit spill out over the edges of the riches bowls and rain down upon us little folk. The funny thing is, we buy into it.

    So, I will remain a proponent of government regulation. And since republicans all have one thing in common, deregulation, it will be a hard sell for me to vote with them anytime soon. That’s just too radical a topic for me.

    I didn’t answer your question… but I do feel better. lol Thanks.

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