After you’re dead, it’s too late!


That’s all. A single word that makes a single question, but I find it compelling.

Why is death too late to convert?

It seems rather arbitrary to me. At least, if we take the average religious beliefs as given. As an atheist, I understand why death is too late. Death is the end. It is when my body will stop functioning, and I will no longer exist in any real sense. So when the day comes that I die…hopefully a long time from now…it will be too late for anything.

But not according to your average religious person. According to them, death is not the end. I will not cease to exist, and in fact will continue to go on for the rest of eternity.

If that’s true, then why on Earth do I have to convert to your religion now?

As I said, it’s arbitrary. And rather stingy on the part of whoever is supposed to have made that rule. If we’re talking about FOREVER, then a few dozen years isn’t even a noticeable blip.  And yet, in that microsecond, relatively speaking, I am forced to sift through all the possibilities humans have come up with, and any they haven’t, and believe in the one true religion, or else spend eternity burning in Hell.


Maybe…just maybe…it’s because when you die that’s it. You don’t come back, you cease to be. More importantly, you’re no longer within reach of the evangelists.

And if you could start believing after you died, then what would be the point of them?


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