I’m Fearful for the State of our Country

I’m so disgusted right now at the thought that either Romney or Santorum could be our next president.

Neither can appeal to the average American. The GOP keeps talking about “taking America back.” What they’re really saying is, “We want to go back to a time when a white man was king. We had a nigger mowing our lawns, our wife making our dinners and we’d beat the hell out of faggots on the weekends. We’d rape us some señoritas and make fun of the Chinks, Wetbacks, Towelheads and Japs. We’d drive around in 4mpg vehicles on Saturday nights, beat some heads and the local bar, then drive to church the next morning to repent our sins. We hate anyone that ain’t like us. You ain’t white, you ain’t right.”

This, this is what they want to get back to. Yeah, America was great in those times. I would be a king – I’m white with a dick. If you happen to be of a different color, religion or sex, you were screwed. How selfish is that?

All you have to do is read the constitution,

read our bill of rights, all of the stories and poems from our earliest days in this country to see that THIS image that the modern GOP has painted has been perverted.  But they’ll have you believe that THAT’S the way it’s always been.  They’re wrong.

The America I was proud of is the one that stood for hope. For prosperity.

A beacon for a world of tyranny and pure evil. We used to welcome the worlds sick and poor (as written on the Statue of Liberty), but now we would watch them starve so that we can protect our big screen TVs.

We’ve become not a beacon for good, as in olden times; but an evil dictator of the world.

The world hates us.

And for good reason. We have people like Bush Jr/Sr, Gingrich, Santorum, Boehner, Holder, Romney, Palin, Bauchmann, and the list goes on and on. Are we not rich enough? How many billions do people need before they are happy. How rich before we can give them a medal and say, “You win. You’re filthy rich. You must be happy.”

Romney/Santorum: I’m a happy person. I’ve got my health. I’ve got great friends. My family is doing okay. I’ve got a beautiful wife and a baby on the way. I’ve got a house, two cars, a big screen tv and many other luxuries. I’m happy. You have many times more than me. Did you pass happiness and are somehow working on a new state of being that I’ll never witness? If so, I think I’ll just stay where I’m at. Because if you are the example of someone who is beyond happy, then I need not go any further. I’ll stay right here.

I hope, for the sake of mankind, that Obama can pull off this election.

Not because I necessarily believe he’s the best president or anything, but because he’s the only candidate that still knows what it’s like to be plain old happy. And happiness, my friends, is contagious. And we could all use a smile.


About Lyn May

Designer, engineer, producer; I haven't really decided yet. Maybe I'll keep it that way - it's much easier to be undecided any way. I love graphic design, writing, photography, video production, animation, playing guitar, singing, engineering and pretty much any other medium that allows me to express my self artistically/logically.

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  1. How glaringly insulting of you pulling out the race card. I am not racist nor are any of my conservative friends. We have plenty of blacks though who are racist. I believe in MLK’s Dream Speech judging a man not on the color of his skin but on the content of his character.

    You really disappoint me here, I thought that you were more intelligent than that.


    The man is treasonous as far as I am concerned threatening active duty military pay over the last budget increase fiasco. You were not in the military, I was and I know the sacrifices those guys made so that you could have the luxury of insulting us. The military votes OVERWHELMINGLY conservative and they are not racist, they get along with, sleep with and fight alongside every race and nationality.

    How dare you

    John Wilder

  2. The man campaigned on being the president of all the UNited States and on being a uniter rather than a divider. He is the most divissive president in our history. Clinton knew how to unite both sides for the common good.

    Do me a favor and Google two phrases, the lies of Obama and the broken promises of Obama and the list goes on for pages with documentation. Character indeed. God says that lying is an ABMOMINATION to Him and it is to most people as well. If you lie to me about one thing and I catch you I will likely never trust you again.

  3. Well, typical conservative, you lash out without knowing your facts. The point I was making, had you read more than a line or two, was that these two put too much stock in their faith and not enough in our country as a whole. I don’t care that Obama is a Christian; but I respect how he can be Christian privately – effectively respecting those of different beliefs around him. He doesn’t throw it around like a badge of honor that most conservatives do. Romney, and especially Santorum, want to turn this country into a “club” of sorts. And one of the requisites of ALL of the benefits of this club, is to accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. How insulting.

    And I would be offended by your assumptions that I WAS NOT in the military, but it’s typical of you to make such assumptions. I was in the United States Army. I was attached to the 2nd Infantry Division during the 9/11 attack while stationed in South Korea. And I would have to disagree with your conservative monopoly you’re painting of our military. I don’t know how many soldiers that I’ve talked to who just want this damn thing to end and for us to stop putting our noses where they don’t belong.

  4. Hey Lyn!
    Sorry I haven’t been by in awhile. Just thought I’d stop in and say I appreciated this. And I’ll be voting for a second term for President Obama. Sure, he’s disappointed me a few times, but hey, he hasn’t tried to roll back all of the hard-fought advancements of the twentieth century, y’know, the right to organize, women’s rights, voting rights, oh yeah, and he also paved the way for true health care reform, with a single payer system, which I look forward to fighting for, with a little help from a progressive congress, so hey, I’ll give him a break. And yes, he leads with a little hope, joy, and what seems like a genuine concern for his fellow Americans (not to mention all the other folks we share this planet with), so yeah, I’ll be happy to vote for him again.

    By the way, I am curious why the GOP seems so anxious to get into a war with Iran, while also saying that we have to cut taxes and slash the debt. I want to know where the math is that allows this bit of fantasy to flourish.

    Good luck to us all. Remember to laugh, once in a while.

  5. how much do you want to debate some of these topics? The last senator to be an active Ku Klux Kan member – Robert Byrd of West Virgiia – A Democrat. The Govenor of Arkansas who refused to segregate schools? Orval Faubus , A democrat. The president who enforced the Supreme Court Order? Dwight Eisenhour – A Republican. So, if’n you want to go back to the not too distant past when racism was rampant, then you would be going back to having Democrats hold the govenors offices in southern states. Except for that Republican George Wallace, oh, wait, he was a democrat, too If you want to go further back, the emancipation proclamation was from Democrat President Abe Lincoln …. Oh wait, Abe was a Republican. THe first black secretary of state? For a Republican president. The first black woman secretary of state? For a republican president. If you want to despise Romney and Santorum, dispise them for something real, examine their records. The republicans want to re enslave blacks is disengenuous at best. A much repeated, emotional arguement that does not have much historical grounding.

  6. Regardless of the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, Staten Island and other Federal Ports of Entry were holding facilities. If you were sick, or if you didn’t have the means to support your family or have a sponsor – then you were quarentined.

  7. I will apologize for assuming that you were not in the military but I stand by the rest of my coimments.

  8. CooperativeLiberal

    I want to point out a few things…

    First of all, even though I am passionately liberal, I think you are ridiculous to suggest that conservatives want to go back to a time of rampant racism and sexism. Conservatives are not always strong in the area of tolerance, but your accusations toward conservatives are just over the top and unfounded.

    Second, as a reply to marriagecoach1, Obama didn’t intentionally set out to BREAK HIS PROMISES; he was SCREWED OVER by STUBBORN-ASS REPUBLICANS in CONGRESS. I’m not saying Republicans are stupid or evil, but I am saying that the ones in Congress right now could be replaced by burlap sacks of feces and our country would be better off. They REFUSE to let Obama do ANYTHING. If Obama tried to pass Republican policies, the Republicans in Congress would shoot them down. Why? Because they want to prevent Obama from doing anything good (and being considered a good president as a result) by preventing him from doing ANYTHING.

    Third, again as a reply to marriagecoach1, I see you pointed out that military service men and women are overwhelmingly conservative. As a rebuttal to make liberalism look good too, I want to point out that the majority college-educated people and people in the academic community are liberal. I’m not saying liberalism is better than conservatism or vice versa, but I just want to hopefully make you realize that liberalism has a lot going for it as well.

  9. Barry, I see no evidence of anyone saying that Republicans want to re-enslave anyone. The Republicans do seem to want to “return” to a golden age that never really existed. For instance, the Republicans want to undo all of the advances of unions. Unions may have had their problems, but guess what, a business exists for the sole function of making money, and that means they don’t have to care about you, and as long as someone is willing to work for less than you, then wages can stall. You, alone, have no power over this. However, if a large number of people can organize and demand better wages, then one can gain power. Collective bargaining is absolutely necessary, and I find it sad that our unions aren’t stronger today.

    As for the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and racism, the two parties essentially switched when the Civil Rights Act was signed into law. President Johnson stated his worries that they were going to lose southern Democratic support, and it happened. Your assertions are correct, Barry, Also, there was not a “recent time” when racism was rampant. It still is. It may be a little quieter, but it is built right into the fabric of our institutions. To be a white male, and to not be able to see the privilege one has been afforded by being a white male is absurd.

  10. CooperativeLiberal,
    Thanks for the reply. And, like I’ve done many times on here, the premise of this site is to entertain. While everything that is written IS heartfelt and my true beliefs, I try to wrap it in absurdity. And you are correct, not ALL conservatives are racist or sexist; but let’s not kid ourselves, most are. It’s the very nature of conservatism that makes this so. That general need for a security blanket. But what I’m speaking mostly about is the campaign that Romney and Santorum are perched upon. They’re using dream tactics to influence the less intelligent voter. What do I mean by that? They’re saying, “I want to take America back.” Well, to when exactly? They won’t tell you when. They want to leave that door wide open. Because every single person can think back to a time when things were much better than today – for them personally. But, a great time for me might mean oppression for you. Or extreme prejudice for another. And Romney and Santorum are hoping for just that. But I’m too smart for that kind of wordplay. Because going back in time WOULD mean, whether you agree with it or not, widespread racism, sexism and many other -ism’s. We’re starting to get out of the dark ages, but we’re not there yet. As long as we have widespread religion and conservative politics, we will always be just two heated words from cavemen.

  11. Lyn, I haven’t been around for awhile but I always like what you have to say. I’m currently reading Jon Haidt’s book “The Righteous Mind” and learned about an important difference between the liberals and the conservatives. Haidt claims (probably based on research) that the two groups look at fairness differently. Fairness for liberals means equality(usually of opportunity) while fairness for conservatives “means portionality – that people should be rewarded in proportion to what they contribute, even if that guarantees unequal outcomes(page 138)”

    Apparently many middle class conservatives aren’t afraid to attack social programs that lift others up but they look at the rich and affluent as “Well, they must deserve what they got because they probably worked for it.” This is why the middle class conservatives with the tea party can attack social programs and talk about reducing government but won’t do a thing about the corporate giveaways or tax the rich a fair rate. They think that the corporations and the affluent have earned the right to pay less. They believe this because many of those people believe that someday “I will earn the right to pay less and that would be FAIR.” Thanks. Keep Writing. Keep Blogging.

  12. Yeah, it’s a very interesting thought, indeed. And I’d have to agree. The idea of, “Get what you’ve earned.” makes logical sense. It does. Problem is, there are those in this world that no matter how many legs up you give them, they will fail. For whatever reason, whether they are just lazy, misinformed, a grand procrastinator, or just a magnet to bad luck; for whatever reason, they all fail. And that raises the question of, “What do we, the ones who are not failing, do about it?”

    We could let them continue to fail, like the conservatives would want; but that would just create a huge division amongst the classes. Would it not? Is that what we want? We see that tactic in third world countries. It doesn’t work. There are extremely wealthy people and extremely poor people. Over there, if you don’t earn it, you don’t get it. And, the country as a whole stays in it’s third world status.

    It’s great “social” countries like ours that move people into greatness, together. Not apart. We are a tribal species. We thrive together. And sure, there are those who choose to be lazy bums and take advantage of whatever system they can; you’re going to have that. But you can only control your own intent, not the intents of others.

    So, at the end of the day, I will continue to work hard and be a good citizen. I will continue to pay my taxes and happily support social programs that DO lift people beyond poverty. It’s who we are as a people. And I will always be that neighbor willing to lend a hand without prejudice.

  13. Very well stated. I agree wholeheartedly. In fact, I really can’t add anything except to say it would make a perfect t-shirt rebuttal slogan, “Yea, you’re probably right, they don’t deserve it, but help them anyway.” Thanks.

  14. Oh this president has done so much for my family, I really hope he can make it thru for another term, in just a little over three years:

    My income has dropped 56%
    I am closing a business that has been around for 15 years
    My health insurance premiums are up 49% to a bit over 60% of my new income.
    6 of our clients have closed
    3 more are closing
    523 layoffs from those closures
    I have two degrees and four IT certifications and start part time at Menards next week.

    I figure by this time in 2016 I could be living the dream, riding my bicycle to work and feeding my kids roadkill to stay alive.

    You sir must have a hell of a secure job to want this maroon back for another 4 years, oh and the race baiting is classic, have you been going to SEIU classes or just lost your mind?

  15. I would look in the mirror, BR. When I was a child and fell off my bike, I didn’t look around to see who I could blame. You sir, would do good to stop blaming others for your mistakes. It’s unfortunate that you’re in the position that you’re in, but it’s unfair to place that blame on anyone but yourself. Be a man, have some pride. Own up to your mistakes, learn from them, and move past it. Be a better man tomorrow. That’s how I keep my positive attitude, BR. I blame no one but me for my failures.

  16. Hmm… but your side of the political coin everything is Bush’s fault…best flip that mirror around…stick it in front of zero , when he admits his faults I will admit mine,


  17. I admit the big mistake I made was voting for him in the first place, your turn

  18. Of course not. Just as Obama can’t be held accountable for all of the downfalls of in MY life. I certainly don’t like Bush’s policies. I feel that the approach of, “Every man for himself,” is rather chaotic in a modern world; but that’s my opinion.

  19. Hey Cooperative Liberal:
    I will grant that the majority of people in higher education are liberal but I would demand for you to show that the majority of college educated people are liberal. I am college educated with a triple major, time spent in grad school as well as nursing school as well. I am a far right winger because of facts and logic rather than feelings and emotions.

    Show me one thing that the Republicans stopped Obama from doing. He campaigned on the promise that if elected president he would televise bills on C Span and especially Health Care negotiations. Once elected that promise went right out the window. It was so egregious that the president of C Span sent him a letter asking him to honor his promise to which no reply was sent.

    I have a woman friend who has an adult son who is far left and praising Obama Care until he had to enroll in it. It is way expensive and his co-pays are $6,500 before it pays for anything. He is now singing a different tune.

    Obama met with the Republicans over health care and denied EVERY Conservative suggestion stating that he won and he did not have to compromise. For example the conservatives suggested cross state competition for which a woman business owner in California was interviewed on Rush. She stated that she lived 10 miles from the border and if she could buy insurance across the state line she could save over 40% on her employees health care insurance.

    He promised that if you like your plan you can keep your plan and if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. He also promised that the insurance would go down by $2,500 for the average family of 4, instead it has increased on average $3,500. Now patients who are on Medicaid or Medicare are losing their docs because they are opting out due to the severe cutbacks in payments to the docs. I talked to a physician who dropped not only because of the cutbacks but because he would have had to file 6 different reports to 6 different federal agencies per PATIENT PER VISIT. He said that he simply could not afford the vast increase in office staff to handle the paperwork.

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