Being Positive is more than a slogan

Regardless of my rants on this site, I tend to be a glass half full type of person.  I like being independant.  I enjoy the idea of naivety.  There’s quite an innocence-lost in pessimism that eludes me.  Being positive, for real, that’s the topic of today’s rant.

Glass half full, taking lemons and making lemonade, 888quote888.  We’ve all heard them.  And if you’re on Facebook, you’ve heard them more than most.  They’re everywhere.  And there IS a powerful message behind each and every one.  But that message gets overlooked.  Why?

I have a philosophy that everyone, every single human being, strives for good.  No one says, “I want to be a murderer when I grow up,” or, “I want to be on welfare when I get a family.”  Everyone wants to do good things in their lives.  But, “Shit happens.”  Right?

People see the quote and automatically agree with it.  It makes sense to remain positive.  Sometimes, problems are completely out of your control.  And you have two options:  1)  Cry about it; 2)  Laugh about it.  Logically, it’s easy to see.  But not everyone ACTS on that logic.  We often times fall into a rut of loathsomeness.  It’s a coping mechanism.  We “dislike” things we have yet to figure out.

I hear people talk about being positive all the time and think to myself, “Wow, you are the very poster-child of negitivity.” How could they be so blind?  And that’s my rant.  People need to see/understand that they’re a Debbie-Downer.

Here are some examples of what negativity is:

  • If you’re in a job and are looking for a promotion.  You might be positive and work really hard.  Do more than what you get paid to do.  Hoping that it will eventually pay off.  Or, you could be negative and work just enough to keep that job and say things like, “I’ll do more when they pay me more.”  Guess what, with that attitude, probably not going to get the job.
  • You’re a chef and you watch the Gordon Ramsey show called “Kitchen Nightmares.”  You instantly realize how filthy your kitchen is by watching the show.  You could be positive and get inspired to go to work and clean it really nice. Or you could do less and hope the boss takes the point and DOES something about it.  Chances are, you will only make yourself, and those around you, including your customers, miserable.
  • You’ve just gotten into a fight with someone you care about.  It was stupid and not worth ruining your relationship.  But history shows that the other person may not make the first move to fix the disagreement.  You could be negative and say, “I’m not saying a word until they apologize.”  Or you could swiftly fix the situation by simply approaching them and open the dialogue about what really happened.  Hopefully they take this opportunity to join your positive attitude and truly fix this situation; and not as this being your concession, ultimately admitting you were wrong.
  • Maybe your life didn’t turn out quite as you had planned.  You could be negative and blame society, the government, your family, your friends or maybe some other institution.  Or you could be positive and understand that NO ONE CONTROLS YOUR LIFE BUT YOU.  Did I say that loud enough?  And, NEWS FLASH, no one cares.  Get off your ass and take control of your life.  You and only you can change your situation.
  • The list goes on and on.  I hope you have enough to figure out which one you are.

At the end of the day, folks, it’s really easy to say those wonderfully written quotes, but to live them, that’s the bread and butter.  Which are you?  Really take an objective look at your attitudes.  Remember, today is yours.  Don’t waste that opportunity to better your situation.  You don’t like where you’re at, move to a different spot.  Good luck and I hope you took something from this post.


About Lyn May

Designer, engineer, producer; I haven't really decided yet. Maybe I'll keep it that way - it's much easier to be undecided any way. I love graphic design, writing, photography, video production, animation, playing guitar, singing, engineering and pretty much any other medium that allows me to express my self artistically/logically.

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