Global Warming: It’s real, and we’re to blame

Global Warming.  Man, just saying that makes me want to check over my shoulder.  Such a naughty word these days.  It single-handedly causes more angst in people than most other topics.  Even more so than religion and politics.  Okay, maybe that’s taking it too far; but why does it get people so fired up?

Maybe it’s due to philosophical differences between the two parties that battle it’s existence.  The Republicans are dead set that it doesn’t exist, or if some agree that it does exist, they disagree about human beings having any role in it.  Then you have the Democrats who use it to push policy the other direction with the “green” movement.  Who’s right, I mean “correct”, on this issue?

Well, if these scientists have anything to do with it, we’ve all got it a little wrong; but it’s the right-wingers who’ve got it more wrongest.


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  1. What evidence do you have to state right wingers are wrongest. It is scientifically impossible for CO2 to be a green house gas because the specific gravity (real science here) is 152% heavier than air and sinks to the ground. The scientists claim that we have had an 80 PPM increase in CO2 as if we are all going to die. The fractional equivalent of that is 8/100,000ths of 1%. I tried to design a graph to illustrate that. It would take a graph 694 feet long to illustrate it and the increase on the graph would be 3/4 of an inch.

    The scientists used to claim that it was Freon causing the global warming. How can Freon
    (also a heavier than air gas travel thousands of miles from where it is released and race to the poles and then reconstitute itself into this toxic soup and then jump up into the Troposphere where the actual thinning took place (there never was a hole only seasonal thinning) and then cause warming around the world but not at the poles?

    Al Gore in his schlocumentary stated that Greenland’s ice sheet is melting away. For proof he had stock footage of a huge chunk of ice falling off into the ocean. This is called “calving icebergs” and Greenland alone calves over 15,000 a year. This is caused by the glacier moving out off the land mass and hanging over the ocean until enough weight acccumulates and it breaks off. Google the term “Glacier Girl” and you will find an expedition that went to Greenland to rescue a WW II P-38 Fighter that ran out of gas and had to land on the ice sheet. Not only is Greenland’s ice sheet not melting, they had to burrow down over 270 feet deep through all the new ice since 1944 to get to the plane.

    Just try to refute my facts all of which are sound science. BTW according the Scientific Method you must use double blind studies and control studies, none of which have been funded through our federal government who has funded BILLIONIS of dollars for pro global warming research. Since scientists have to depend upon research grants for their living, they can’t be trusted to be ethical and professional, Then you might try researching the
    temp sensors are all in cities which distorts the results due to the Urban Heat Island effect.

    Just some of the science that disproves it. BTW ice core samples have told us that the earth has been both significantly warmer and colder in our past independent of CO2. NASA also had to change their website due to a blogger correctly stating that the warmest year on record was actually in 1934 during the Great Dust Bowl

    For a bright guy, you sure play dumb well

  2. No comment to REAL SCIENCE?

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