Writers Needed

We are in need of people to write content for the Rants & Rage blog.  These individuals will possess a desire to express their views and opinions in a literary medium.  I am not concerned with the topic or the way in which it is delivered.  The idea is to open the flood gates on topics that are typically considered “hush-hush.”

So if you are interested in speaking your mind and sharing you opinions with the world, let me know; we’d love to have you.

You can reply on this page or send me an email directly to lyn@lynmaystudios.com.

  1. I would love to join the rants and rages pages and contribute.

    Count me in and let me know what I need to know to contribute.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  2. We’re glad to have you. On behalf of the other a-holes, welcome. Please, by all means, take this forum and run with it. My job is not to police one’s voice. I’m certain you and I, as well as the other a-holes, will not agree on everything; but isn’t that the point?

  3. short little rebel

    Thanks for inviting me, Lyn! I love sharing views with fellow intellectual-types. Makes me feel like less of a geek! 😉 Susan

  4. short little rebel

    p.s. not sure about being called an ‘A-hole’, but what the heck? susan

  5. Hey, I take offense to that. I love being a geek. I have actually uncovered out the differences between Nerds, Geeks and Dorks.

    Nerds are individuals who possess massive amounts of useful knowledge. Example: Scientists, Engineers, etc.

    Geeks are individuals who possess massive amounts of useless knowledge. Example: Comic book collectors, computer hackers, etc.

    Dorks are individuals who claim to be either a nerd or a geek but are neither. They are simply confused. No Examples to speak of.

    While some people can cross into a nerd or geek category, most are one or the other. For instance: Computer hackers are good at what they do. They could eventually turn that into a career in the IT field with a Computer Science degree. Problem is, most hackers are lazy procrastinators without direction (watch, this site will go offline tomorrow). See the difference?

    Geeks are typically lazy. I know this because I am one; and a nerd because I’m an engineer. And most geeks are proud to be lazy. They’ve accepted it. There’s a running joke about hacker conventions smelling like body odor and Doritos. there’s a reason for that. lol

    As far as being called an A-Hole, you’ll get used to it. I came up with the idea of calling all of us A-Holes from the start so that it would deter others from saying it first. Kind of like the fat kid in high school who makes fun of his own weight. It hurts him on the inside, but it’s better for him to make fun of himself than for the others. lol

  6. Hey Susan
    I have been called much worse than an asshole by liberals simply because they disagree with my opinion. After all you used to dismiss us with a middle finger and now you are a conservative as well as an intellectual.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  7. I would definitely like to join. I’m so desperately pissed off by politics lately, so this blog seems like a good way to maintain my sanity.

  8. ^Ignore the above message, which I made before even registering on WordPress.

    My real, registered username now is handyliberal (which I am posting with now) so Lyn May, if you want to make me a writer, please do so to this account.

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