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Google is the Walmart of the internet

So Google is releasing games for it’s social network Google+, eh?  In competition with Facebook’s gaming engine?  Let me explain why Google is becoming the Walmart of the internet. Read the rest of this entry


Wedding Traditions, necessary or waste of time

In just under two weeks, I will be married to the most beautiful, humble, inspiring woman in the world.  It’s an exciting time for us.  But I must tell you that this past year has been exhausting.  What with all the planning that needs done.  All the contacts and logistical gymnastics one must perform to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.  Do we put too much pressure on that one, albeit special, day?

Let’s talk about traditions for a moment.  How ridiculous have most of these traditions mutated into?  Let’s dig into how they began and what they mean today.  Read the rest of this entry