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The unforgivable curse…I mean sin

Recently, the final Harry Potter movie came out in theaters. Loved it, by the way. I was a fan of the books and quite enjoyed that the darker tones in the literature were Read the rest of this entry


Book Review: “Voyage of the Mind Carriers” by Gary Wolf

“Voyage of the Mind Carriers”

There is only one way so much novel could be squeezed into such a thin book: prose so tight it squeaks. Right from the get-go, “Voyage of the Mind Carriers”, written by Gary Wolf, vortexes the reader right into the opening scene of the novel- a lush N.Y. city socialite party. “Voyage of the Mind Read the rest of this entry

Ratings! You get one star out of five

This is a topic that has had me peaved for some time now.  I frequent online stores like Amazon all the time; sometimes you simply cannot Read the rest of this entry