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Diablo 3: Took Long Enough!

Diablo 3 is almost out!  Are you not excited?  Do you even know what Diablo is?  Aside from the mythological creature that was cast from heaven, that is? Read the rest of this entry


Netflix, Qwikster and Your wallet

Okay, so you have a Netflix account.  You do the whole streaming thing AND the DVD thing (or BluRay if that’s your flavor).  And all is good.  You watch a DVD, put it into that little red envelope Read the rest of this entry

Playstation Network (PSN): Still Offline

For all the gamers out there who woke up last week to the error message:

What’s going on, Sony?

Last week sometime, representatives of Sony’s online gaming vehicle, Playstation Network, used by gamers to play, buy and socialize with others, announced they were attacked in a DDoS.  But not everyone is sold on it being a DDoS. Read the rest of this entry