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N.F.L. Lock out

How selfish can young men be. After all you play sports for a living. Life is sweet for you guys. The game of football used to be about the love of the game but now its all about the dollar bill. The league minimum is two and a half times more than the average person, and you all are still complaining. This has become utterly painful to watch you continue on with such insensitivity for the fan. It seems insane to ask any organization that you are a part of  for more funding because of the part you play in earning it…. isn’t that called a job.  The reason you receive  a salary plus all the perks that come along with it. Try living on 30-40 thousand a year like the rest of us…. then cry. Until then play ball and let us continue to enjoy watching you or you might just find that we have something else to do on Sunday and all the ratings drop then what will the profit margin be? MAYBE IF YOU STOP LIVING SO LAVISH and put something up for a rainy day then you could afford medical treatment after your careers are over. QUIT BEING SO DAMN SELFISH!!!!!! We the fans see you as the same entity as you see the owners, the way that your acting right now.  Get at me with your comments.