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Hulu: Good idea, but not yet ready

Well, I did it.  I canceled my TV.  My bill is $160 per month.  My wife and I are home for only a few hours in the evening.  We do chores, eat dinner, relax a minute, and then watch a show or two.  And that’s a typical night – at home.  For other days, we might not even Read the rest of this entry


Ratings! You get one star out of five

This is a topic that has had me peaved for some time now.  I frequent online stores like Amazon all the time; sometimes you simply cannot Read the rest of this entry

Casey Anthony, Not Guilty

Well, just minutes ago, Casey Anthony was found “Not Guilty” for all charges save for the misleading of the police.

So who killed little Caley?  Let’s here it Ranters.  Did she or didn’t she?