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Global Warming: It’s real, and we’re to blame

Global Warming.  Man, just saying that makes me want to check over my shoulder.  Such a naughty word these days.  It single-handedly causes more angst in people than most other topics.  Even more so than Read the rest of this entry


Facebook adds Organ Donor statuses

Facebook has announced that it has added the ability for it’s users to share that they are an organ donor.  I could scoff at the idea and ask the question of why; or I could simply be happy about this taboo topic becoming, well, not so taboo. Read the rest of this entry

Book Review: “Voyage of the Mind Carriers” by Gary Wolf

“Voyage of the Mind Carriers”

There is only one way so much novel could be squeezed into such a thin book: prose so tight it squeaks. Right from the get-go, “Voyage of the Mind Carriers”, written by Gary Wolf, vortexes the reader right into the opening scene of the novel- a lush N.Y. city socialite party. “Voyage of the Mind Read the rest of this entry

Our Schools Can’t Teach The Basics But Now They Are Adding Environmentalist Whacko Propaganda To The Curriculum

Maryland Adds ENVIRONMENTAL LITERACY in High Schools –

Maryland Adds Environmental Literacy in High Schools

By Jim Angle

Published June 27, 2011 |

Fox News

Maryland is now the first state in the country to impose environmental literacy– a new requirement to graduate from high school.

Maryland is the first state in the country to impose a new requirement to graduate from high school — something called environmental literacy.

But what is that? That is the question State Senator J. B. Jennings is asking.

“What kind of education is it going to be?” he asks. “Is it going to be fact-based? Or is it going to be theory-based, which is usually politically, theory driven. And you can think, it’s going to be about global warming or climate change.”

Sarah Bodor of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation supports the initiative and says there is no mandate.

“People express concern about the content but what is important to know is that this new requirement doesn’t actually mandate any content at all.”

The new rule is a regulation from the State Board of Education, not a law passed by the legislature, so it lays out no specifics. Governor Martin O’Malley offers no real details but praises it, saying it will “infuse core subjects with lessons about conservation and smart growth  and the health of our natural world.”

via Maryland Adds Environmental Literacy in High Schools –

Because of Science, Christianity Survives

Science, the constant study of everything.  Keyword being study.  I didn’t say, “Science, the knowledge of everything.”  I could have, but that would do science, and all of the scientists, a disservice in that it is the exact opposite of arrogance.  Enter Christianity.

Science makes strides in our knowledge base daily.

Each and every day we are eons above where we were the day before.  We’re learning at an incredible rate.  Meanwhile, our Christian friends are regurgitating the same old information for hundreds of years.  No change.

Christians are getting scared.

Hundreds of years ago, when religion was our only source of knowledge, science was just a hobby.  Crazy old fools in a shed doubling as a chemistry set from RadioShack.  Today, however, Science is starting to challenge religion and actually answer many of the questions long thought to be reserved for god.  Not all, mind you.  Remember, science?

Today, they’ve adopted an “if we can’t beat’em, join’em” mentality.

Most certainly due to some greedy churches spearheading the marketing of their church due to empty pews.  It’s sink or swim time.

I recently had a debate in my hometown with some Christians.

It blew my mind at how fast they adapt.  We were drinking coffee at Panera and one of them opened the discussion about the evolution of creationism.

They all professed that evolution is real, Darwinian Natural Selection is real, and that the Big Bang had some merit.

They didn’t subscribe to everything about all those topics of course, but it startled me that the “church” is starting to turn around.

The group was a young college group (21-29), and most were not conservatives, politically.  They were all die-hard Christians, however.  I really didn’t even know how to respond, because these are usually topics that we fight about, not agree upon.

I’m paraphrasing here, but they are kind of saying, “Yes, we’ve known that all along, we just didn’t give it a name.”  Adopting scientific principals for their own as if to say, “We know that.  Tell us something we don’t know.”

But, being the cynic I am (not really, just sounds good for this piece), I have to wonder if Christianity is morphing into a machine that’s capable of survival in a time when people are starting to wise up and look elsewhere for their answers.

Is Christianity evolving?  If so, I think it should be applauded.  It’s just sticking wallpaper over a dirty wall in the end, but they’re trying to bridge that gap.  I think.  What do you all make of this “movement.”

For reference, I have not taken a poll or researched this at all.  This group, for all I know, could be just another radical group with strong opinions who speak for all Christianity.  That’s why THIS discussion needs to happen.  Here.