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Global Warming: It’s real, and we’re to blame

Global Warming.  Man, just saying that makes me want to check over my shoulder.  Such a naughty word these days.  It single-handedly causes more angst in people than most other topics.  Even more so than Read the rest of this entry


Herman Cain’s Music Video- This Guy’s It! Yeow!

Raise Some Cain!

I LOVE THIS GUY! He has my vote!!!

Conservative Bloggers Unite for 2012!

I am officially calling on all conservative bloggers to help with the 2012 election. There are a few things I can foresee about this election:

  • 1) the media will NOT air Republican speeches and responses- as they did not in 2008 when McCain got 60% less coverage than Obama.
  • 2) Obama will not do direct debates. He will carp with well scripted remarks from the sidelines without getting hit in the face.
  • 3) Obama will out purchase media time by 2-1 with his billion dollar war chest.
  • 4) Obama plans a class warfare strategy

We can help by providing an organized, free media outlet for the GOP.