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Google is the Walmart of the internet

So Google is releasing games for it’s social network Google+, eh?  In competition with Facebook’s gaming engine?  Let me explain why Google is becoming the Walmart of the internet. Read the rest of this entry


Google+: Should Facebook and Twitter worry?

Are you one of the few beta testers for Google’s recent attempt at a more social web?  Last Read the rest of this entry

Apple: World’s most valuable brand

Seemed just yesterday I was sitting in my graphic design class working on a big, beautiful and beige Apple PowerMac.  16-bit color monitor, built in.  8mb of RAM, expandable to 32.  2gb hard drive, parallel.  And the sweet, sweet sound of that famous Macintosh chime when you clicked that little button on your keyboard to awaken this piece of art.  Yes, my friends, I am a fan boy.  What can I say.

It’s been a long road, with Steve and I.  We’ve had our moments.  We’ve had disagreements, just like any other couple.  But what makes this relationship strong is Steve’s consistency.  Steve Jobs likes things a particular way and that’s what I like about him.  He’s structured, logical, and oh so needy.  He’s also very Read the rest of this entry

Poll: What’s the best smartphone?

Network Neutrality: Do you know the facts?

The very fact that I am writing this, and you are receiving it, is all due to the foresight and enginuity of a man from the UK.  His name is Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web.

In the beginning

It was 1990.  Only a select few even had access to a computer.  And even fewer had one of their own.  It was an art reserved for the nerdiest of the nerds – computer science.  How it has changed our world.  Information is exchanged much differently today than back in the 90’s when evelopes and stamps were a writer’s best friends.  With the success of the efforts of Tim and his clan of nerds came businesses who would exploit this new form of communication.  And so boomed the .com era. Read the rest of this entry