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Modern Spidey: Not your grandpa’s Spiderman

Are we pissed off yet?  Wait, let’s start at the beginning.

I was overjoyed when I heard about the studios making a blockbuster version of Read the rest of this entry


Vampires, Not so scary anymore

What ever happened to vampires being scary?  I remember watching Dracula as a child and being frightened.  My mother used to tell me to hold my neck so that the vampires wouldn’t drain my blood.

Sure, I’m older now, and the darkness isn’t so plagued with baddies; but is it just me or have modern vampires become… pussies?

Honey, stop reading now; I’m about the slam one of your favorite movies.

I think the writer for stories such as Twilight, and those like it, should be banned from making “vampire” movies.  Or how about this:  Give these pussified creatures a new name.  Pixies?

I want bad ass vampires again.  I want body parts slinging this way and that.  I want him to have 72 sexy wives… wait… I just described Bin Laden.  Think about it:  He kills people for pleasure, he has many wives, an army of men who would die for him, and he’s dead.  lol  Sorry, back to things that matter.

Vampires are sexually charged, ravenous, bloodthirsty beasts who’s very existence reigns supreme in comparison to our puny mortality.  Where, I say, where are these vampires hiding?  It’s not in Hollywood these days, I’ll tell you that.

Hungry for some vampire movies, that don’t suck, while you wait for Hollywood to get their shit together?  Here’s a list, in no particular order, of vampire movies that I’ve enjoyed over the years:

Add others you feel are deserving of the title, “Scary Vampire Movie.”