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After you’re dead, it’s too late!


That’s all. A single word that makes a single question, but I find it compelling. Read the rest of this entry


What Do I Believe In?

I believe first and foremost in the power, righteousness and worthiness of God – the Great I Am- to be worshipped.

Yes, worshipped. Worship goes against the grain of the American spirit, which is why I believe we are so easily tempted to reject the notion of God. We rebelled against worship when we refused to recognize the Pope and the King of England as our kings. Why? Because God created every man equal and hence, no man Read the rest of this entry

Someday, When Jesus Returns, We Will Do Wonderful Things

Arial View of Singapore's New Wonder: "Sky Park"

Author, Susan Shannon, gives a slide show of the world’s newest wonder: Singapore’s “Sky Park”. “Look what Man can Do? If we can do this, then why do small problems like politics, hunger, energy and war exist?” she ponders.

Why We Worship God

Why We Worship God.

This post is to address my friend, Lyn May’s, question, “Why do we worship God?”

We worship God because we need to. Evolution simply can’t address this human need. Every culture that has ever existed arose simultaneously, out of contact with one another, with a deep belief in a God or gods. There is a deep spiritual knowledge that is INHERENT in the condition of man. You can reject it, resulting in personal agony, or you can embrace it, resulting in ecstasy. These are the only choices.

Every human feels the hole in …(continue reading)



Why do we worship God?

Christians, I have a question for you:

Since I’m just a simple-minded atheist, would you mind explaining something for me?  Why would an all-knowing being such as god want us to worship it.  Seems pretty radical, right?  If I was that powerful; created the universe, galaxies, stars, etc, would I give two shits about little ol’ us?  I think not.  That’d be like me expecting ants to bow down to me and praise my being.  Pretty arrogant notion that a god would create a people so that they could worship at his proverbial feet don’t you think?