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Liberals: Gay Marriage, Gay Adoption, Late Term Abortion, Search & ‘Seizure’ of Cell Phones= Just Honky Dory!

Liberals: Gay Marriage, Gay Adoption, Late Term Abortion & Search & ‘Seizure’ of Cell Phones= Just Hondy Dory!.

If you are uninitiated, this might seem a little illogical. Liberals advocating extreme freedom from decency (gay marriage, gay adoption, killing of viable fetuses) and yet, allowing the Man into people’s private data. But for those in the know, we understand the plan very well. read on..


Congratulations! It’s a Girl!

Here's Mother Nature, Our Newest Addition!

The United Nations has accepted the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Nature, giving her human status and legally defensible human rights. Environmental legislation is being pushed at the UN level which will supersede USA sovereignty.and learn who the players are, who the winners are and who the losers are. Hint: just one more giant leap toward the American Union..

Another Attack on Patriotism from the Rabid Left

Florida Town Fines Woman for Too Many American Flags

The world is on fire. War is everywhere. Whole towns are disappearing into killer wind funnels across one third of our nation. The country is broke, the population divided. Terrorists want to tear down more buildings and domestic crime leaves blood on our sidewalks. We need our politicians to be working their butts off to guide our towns, cities, states and country through the minefields. Do liberals understand.

Trans-gender Coaches for California 1st Grade Children?

Fox News Channel has just reported that a CA elementary school will begin classes for grades K-4 that teach ‘gender diversity’.  The supposed aim of this class is to help prevent bullying- specifically of those children who are homosexual or ‘tansgender’.   Bullying of gays should fall under the general bullying rules:  no bullying allowed for any reason.  It does not need additional billing in the bully department.     Parts of this class include statements such as, “It ok to paint your toenails if you are a boy,” “There is more than one way to be a girl and boy.”