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Gentle Americans, It Is Time To Become A Big Mouth

My friends.  I’m calling on all good & normal Americans to pay attention now.  Things have gone too far.  Our government has left us while we were working so hard to take care of our responsibilities at home.  Our government has taken a life of its own- it no longer responds to our wishes.  The usurpation of our natural ownership of Government has so deceitfully taken place while our eyes were bent to the plow.  Our trust has been violated.  No one wants the Government to continue spending our tax money with so much abandon- leaving a debt our children can never pay.  No one wants the killing of 24 week old fetuses- or worse, the destruction of full term babies through partial birth abortion.  No one wants the indoctrination of our children through our schools & universities.  No one wants the crushing of  the right to freedom of religious speech.  No one wants Obamacare.  No one wants our Government to continue forcing us to use expensive products we don’t want to use- as is the case with these new green vehicles and electicity that only they can afford.  No one wants more war in the Middle East.  No one wants our country to police the other countries in the world and no one wants American money to be spent taking care of citizens of other countries- regardless of their dire circumstances.   No one wants Mexico to tell us what to do.  No one wants Mexican drug cartels on American Land.  No one wants more taxes.  No one wants the Government to own our car companies or our banks.  No one wants the President to own the military for his private use.


Want to Read the SNOTTIEST Article EVER Written by A College Feminist? Read This!

So. This is the blog I have been ‘visiting’ this last week or so. I guess I irritated her. ‘Cause she wrote a WHOLE article on ME and my…. Oh shame! Misspelling! July 4, 2011

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This post is somewhat tangential to feminism, but I think it still addresses an important issue and one that’s always been hanging around in my mind.

Okay, so my friends know that I am absolutely obsessed with grammar and words. If you mix up your “your” and “you’re” I may gently correct you or mock you mercilessly (the latter really only being directed at my equally grammar-obsessed friends).

However, when it comes to being judgmental, there are things I like to keep in mind: primarily that education is a privilege. Not many people are lucky enough to go through as many years of schooling as I have, nor have access to the thousands of books that I’ve read, and so naturally, I can’t expect them to use the same vocabulary I’m accustomed to.

Typical Conversational Style of Liberals

Typical Conversational Style of Liberals

“And President Obama calls for a new ‘civility’ in the public discourse…”

The following videos display perfectly the general attitude and ‘debating’ style of most progressive liberals. Sniping, carping, aggression, sarcasm, violence, threats of bodily harm, hate filled eyes, name calling and shouting are only the beginning of their evil. Watch and be amazed…

Another Attack on Patriotism from the Rabid Left

Florida Town Fines Woman for Too Many American Flags

The world is on fire. War is everywhere. Whole towns are disappearing into killer wind funnels across one third of our nation. The country is broke, the population divided. Terrorists want to tear down more buildings and domestic crime leaves blood on our sidewalks. We need our politicians to be working their butts off to guide our towns, cities, states and country through the minefields. Do liberals understand.