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Facebook adds Organ Donor statuses

Facebook has announced that it has added the ability for it’s users to share that they are an organ donor.  I could scoff at the idea and ask the question of why; or I could simply be happy about this taboo topic becoming, well, not so taboo. Read the rest of this entry


Being Positive is more than a slogan

Regardless of my rants on this site, I tend to be a glass half full type of person.  I like being independant.  I enjoy the idea of naivety.  There’s quite an innocence-lost in pessimism that eludes me.  Being positive, for real, that’s the topic of today’s rant. Read the rest of this entry


foodlessism, clotheslessism, homelessism, alcoholism.

carlessism, moneylessism, joblessism , its subconcious rascism.

It’s like hell that I’m living in, I’m rebuked like the devil because of the color of my skin. when my oppressors make it to the grave you’ll burn in hell because on earth you were nothing but satan’s slave. The damage is maximum. The knowledge is minimum and you can’t think straight because of a crooked equilibrium. red kills blue for white equals zero blackness but red, white and blue is an actress. Cares are few but the body count is high and young black men are vanishing like time. all the young black men that were hard (independent thought) live in the penitentiary, drugged out ,or reside in the grave yard. this left a woman out there on her own, had a kid and caused her to be the victim of a broken home. Now a job is top priority so she is picked over the brother with seniority this is how it is told to me by the authority’s got hired and it kills off two minorities. one because she is a woman and two because she is a black woman. this leaves bothers to crime or either bumming. white men with a black women might not really love them, the plan is to stop making black kids my brother. when your woman get the cramps , she flash her welfare card but hospitals don’t accept stamps. it’s a mind game but you can’t let them win we must stay strong down to the bitter end. the jail house is what we should be rebelling because slavery is abolished except the convicted felon. locked away from your family and you miss them, but that’s how they want you sad………………. its sub-concious rascism

It is a sad affair of harsh reality to come to the realization that this kind of world still exists in 2011 within the united states of America, but i guess sometimes the truth hurts. We claim to be a peaceful and civilized people and yet we use war on each-other as a tactic to demonstrate our peacefulness. we intentionally set out to destroy the mortality of cultures that are different from our own in order to prove our own greatness. never giving thought to the thought that every action has an equal reaction and when the tables turn we scream foul play. we manipulate  laws and systems set in place to help us all solely for the purpose of self gratification. I hear so many cries about the Obama administration, and how they are doing such a terrible job and there’s no way he will be re-elected but only time will tell. no one has ever said how bush took the country in to a state of turmoil, a great depression,an exhaustion of resources, ultimately the worst president of our time. he did make history for himself. I believe that there is a generation that still hears whispers from TROOP (the restricted organization of people) that tells them people of another ethnic background are beneath them. So with Obama being the president a man of color it hurts some people to breath.

we even have two separate criminal systems here in america how does one person get 300 years no chance for parole and another get probation? or better yet nothing! we have watched the high-end of wall street take advantage of people for years and I don’t see anyone getting a thousand years. what is the difference between the organization that took pensions,mortgages, and added to the countries bankruptcy increases, compared to the man the robbed the bank? there is none but only one party was put away. things like these really infuriates what society calls the minority. I believe that this is why we see so much ignorance out here. we live in a society where war means certain death ……………… but who would you select to rule if there was no one left…SUB-CONCIOUS RASCISM